Albany Foam Won’t Let You Down

Every so often you walk in a store or deal with a company and you feel somehow that they give you control of that area of life we call ‘buying’. We needed the foam for our seats last week as we did when we needed the leather and bought it from Abe’s Leather. Albany Foam @ stocks a wide range of upholstery materials and when I called them last week at 4pm the assistant indeed assisted me. He talked me through my needs told me what they had and closed the deal. The next day a roll arrived shrink wrapped and looking like a camping bed roll. Now this package was supposed to contain two pieces of foam 4″ thick, 2’0″ wide and 9’0″ measured about 12″ in diameter and 18″ long. I slit the plastic wrapper and the package contents slipped from the skin like a snake shedding. The two massive pieces lay on the workshop floor exactly as promised and within the 24-hour time frame I needed and again was promised.
The price was the best I could find too. Last year I dealt with another company. I tried them and all they could do was leave me feeling hopeless because they had a product code I couldn’t find and couldn’t be bothered to walk me through to find it. Anyway, from here on I will be using Albany Foam who ship nationwide.