The North of England Woodworking Show 22-24 November 2013

I am planning to attend the North of England Woodworking Show this Autumn in Harrogate, Yorkshire. Britain is not really known for big city show venues like

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The Woodworking Shows shows I did the USA circuit with in the first quarter of this year, and certainly you don’t get the same numbers, but if you don’t mind a little compression, this show should be good show for a variety of reasons.

PICT0075-300x225.jpg I plan on being at the show Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd November and hope to meet up with many of you there. I have talked with friends and we thought lunch in the main cafeteria would be a good meeting point as this is one of the best lunch venues you’ll ever find at a commercial convention in the UK. We haven’t quite worked out the details, but I wanted to give you all the heads up that I plan on being at the show and meeting with those who have supported us through the years. I always enjoy this particular show but can’t always make it so this year we kept the weekend open so I could be there.

PICT0050-168x225.jpg There are some really gifted woodworkers at this show. One of my favourites to visit is Tony Murland at the Old Tool Store. Tony has bought and sold tools ever since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution started. I usually buy at least ten items every time I visit his booth. if you need something specific, contact him beforehand and he’ll likely find it and bring it to the show for you.

Really, there are some good demonstrations at the show if you avoid the commercial side of sales and there is always tons of good information to pick up too. I like to network with friends and this is a great place to bump into people you know and don’t know.  PICT0063-300x225.jpg



  1. great i just need to find something for the wife to do in Harrogate for three days google her i come

  2. never been to a woodworking show before, lived a sheltered life, living up north i don’t get many chance to get to them,
    so will try and make a date and see what’s it all about

  3. Unfortunately I wont be able to attend the Northern show.
    I live in Suffolk (almost a stones throw from Needham Market…) so I had the luxury of being able to drop into Tony’s from time to time, not to mention the added attraction of Classic Handtools on the other side of the street… I never saw anything duff in Tony’s shop, not once. Anything from humble block planes, carving tools, billhooks, unusual stuff like froes, corner chisles, right up to expensive norris type planes, all sound clean items at sensible prices.
    Just out of interest, where is Tony’s shop now? I know Classic Handtools closed and moved nearer to Ipswich, but Tony’s premises are all shut down, not sure where he went as the web site still mentioned the Needham Market address?

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