Dan Faia’s Bombe Chest – Masterful Beauty in Wood

I had wanted to post this picture at the time of the article I posted in an earlier blog here.


The credit for the photograph goes to Fine Woodworking and particularly Thomas McKenna. I found the article very inspiring throughout and thought it could be aspirational to read about the creative work of Dan Faia who like many woodworkers today is both a furniture maker and teacher. Dan teaches at the North Bennet Street School. If it’s not too late take a look at the original article and indeed my conversation with Dan later.


  1. It is definitely a beautiful piece and the craftsmanship is truly stunning. But I can’t help thinking of the amount of that precious timber that ended up on the workshop floor as chips just to reveal those curves. It is a piece that reminds us about the reason why so many modern makers use lamination to produce their serpentine shapes. No matter how much money I had and how much timber or skill that I could command, I just could never justify leaving that amount of fine material on the floor. But a very interesting piece nevertheless.

    1. Don’t ever try wood turning or carving then, mate!
      It doesn’t remind me of that at all. I can’t understand how the ‘waste wood’ would even come into consideration when that’s what’s required to craft such a thing of beauty. But each to their own, I guess

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