The walking cane video is up

Completing the tool chest has been an exciting stage in our training, and seeing the many skills developed this far has been very gratifying.
Today the first walking cane video went up on the online broadcast. This is a much shorter series than the tool chest but it’s important for developing various woodworking skills so please join us if you want to develop the hand skills master woodworkers use in their work. This first part in the series of making walking canes, sticks and staffs will prove demanding but you’ll find the end results most rewarding.

Here is the introductory video:

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    1. There are two ways of joining One is a paying subscription which gives you access to the new and past series projects and costs £10 UK or $15 USD per month or the free subscription which gives you access to free online broadcast on any videos that are about techniques such as sharpening saws and other tools, methods of work and so on. Some projects are free too.

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