A New Bench Stool Video for Benchwork

Our New Video Series is Up!

I wanted to update you on our new and latest training videos that teach you to make workbench stool and bar stools. This is a series I know you will enjoy and having a bench stool instead of a bar stool means comfort you can work well from. The video is long-needed in the world of working wood because we have all strained at stool seats that are too small and stools that are too tall. If the ideal bench height is between 36″-44″ (depending on your personal height), most bar stools may well be too hight. If you like super-low benches for some reason, then they will be as much as 9″ too high. This video will help you to size and make the perfect stool for your height and for your bench. I do hope that you enjoy it. DSC_0135

Christmas is almost here too, so here is just a sneak preview on some of our Christmas offerings on woodworkingmasterclasses.com. in a few days time too. Whether the star at the top of a tree, a mobile by the fireside or some more ornaments on the spruce branches. You could also add your own light-catching glitter and bows or you could attach them to cards as keepsakes for some special people you love or care for. These are fairly simple to make and you can make a dozen in an afternoon with about five hand tools and no machines.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY TO EVERYONE IN THE USA AND THOSE SERVING OVERSEAS OR AWAY FROM HOME!!!!!! We think of you, pray for you and thank you for all that you do. I will always be grateful to everyone who welcomed me and my family to their homes on this special day and who made Thanksgiving so wonderful throughout the 20 years we lived there.


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