Wooden Spoons Order and Making My Stars

This week I must finish off the order for 35 wooden spoons for the USA. I decided to make them from scraps; fire wood or recycled wood from a safe resource. Elm is a wood I and all woodworkers of old loved to work with. Some old doors were discarded from the castle and I couldn’t stand to see them thrown out. They are made from elm. It is not so available as it once was, but it’s such a beautiful wood. At one time it was predominantly used for chair seats and kitchenware but those days are long gone.
Another commitment I have is to show you how to make stars for hanging in a mobile, decorating a door wreath, hanging at the top of your tree or to create a stunning centrepiece for the table at Christmas dinner. We will be posting a video on woodworkingmasterclasses very shortly for this and I know you will enjoy it. In the meantime we will be wrapping things up in readiness for starting the new year filming and classes. It’s been a wonderful year for me. I look back on it with affection when I see all the faces I met, work with and enjoyed.

Star sizes are governed by the thickness of the stock you use. In this case I am using material I have milled to two sticks of wood measuring 10mm thick. This can be varied and the method of making remains the same. Cutting the wood about 30mm wide and 25cm long means you have enough length to hold it in the vise and make more stars later if you want to. I used a variety of woods but my favourites are mahogany and figured maple. Ebony and maple give striking contrast but there are many others you could use too. I think pine makes lovely stars.
More on this shortly.


  1. I’m sure all would appreciate to see some photos of your carved spoons headed to the USA Paul. Just knocked out a sycamore one from the firewood pile for a birthday gift and making maple mallets. It’s that time of year to fish out the nice choice sticks before they go into the wood stove.

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