Upcoming Posts for My Blog – Exciting Stuff Old and New

These are the next blog post series I have been working on. I’ve taken traditions of the past and kept them and  turned some of them upside down and inside out:

Restoring a Fall Front Writing Bureau


Spokeshaves I Use and Why

DSC_0321 2 DSC_0321

Upcycling Spokeshaves

DSC_0321 DSC_0005

Making the Paul Seller’s Spokeshave Blade Extender


Shaping your Kitchen Knives to Task



And one more…



DSC_0058 Turning tool handles for replacements and restorations.


Could the unique and simple Paul Sellers’ saw sharpening method be the very fastest saw sharpening method in the world????


  1. Thanks Paul – some great topics here. Particularly like the idea of looking at restoration and fall-front designs. Can I cast another vote for a piece on moulding planes please? I think you mentioned you had something in the pipeline a while back.

    1. We have made the video and when that goes out i will right the process too.

  2. Looking forward to the Spokesheve one as I’ve an old spokeshave in need of restoration. many thanks…

  3. Paul I look forward to your Blog and video’s, I have learned so much from you and quite frankly hooked on Woodworking Master Classes. You are a great teacher and easy to follow and your NO nonsense approach goes with out saying. Wish I had know about you 25 – 30 years ago.


  4. I love to sharpen saws now. I am always looking for old saws to rework. It has become a hobby for me. I have found so many great saws for under $10.00. I have quite a collection now. Thanks for teaching me Paul.

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