Saw Chocks, – Quickest and Simplest

Here is a short video on making a clamp for your saws and using the vise for clamping. It’s quick secure and effective and I use it all the time. Hope you enjoy it.

Paul’s method:


  1. Thank you Paul.
    I’ve been trying to resurrect my grandads old tools, most of the saws have got the worm though, some worse than others, so I will have to try and make new handles at some point.
    The one that aren’t so bad I have sharpened in my engineers vice, which is not ideal, these will make life much easer I am sure. 🙂

  2. Thank Paul I made mine some time back after watching your saw sharpening video. But I have to say I like the knee action with the vise.

  3. Paul,
    That is an outstanding and simple version Paul. I will be fabricating one for each of my saws. Thanks for a simple and effective sharpening choke.

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