Higher education is craft for all life for anyone

DSC_0037 I see higher education come when people realise they are personally discovering the importance ‘calling’ has in pursuing life skills. This rite of passage may well be sparked in any realm you enter in pursuit of higher education and it best comes by taking the path less traveled rather than mindlessly following the majority. DSC_0466 Vocational calling is hearing and seeing an interest develop no matter your age and no matter where, when or how. It doesn’t mean vocational occupation, vocational education or vocational training in such limited spheres aren’t useful pockets along the path to growth, stepping stones perhaps, they might even be important, but when you enter the all-encompassing realms of answering your calling–Wow! You start to answer the deeper, wider and broader issues of lifestyle reality. DSC_0737 Marrying your craft, your art and sharing it with others no matter what, you suddenly become aware that that which you’re impassioned by is a powerful state that steers you and empowers you against all adversity. You are deciding to forsake mere entertainments and merely interesting things to pass time with with a made-up mind that enables you to pursue craft and the art of work very differently, with a more whole hearted mind, soul and strength experience that lasts decades. Higher education for me is way more than anything that takes place in college and university but the universe itself. That for me is when you enter the Higher call. Higher education is being absorbed into your vocational calling. It starts before any degree course way back in a mother’s womb and then stretches on throughout life.

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  1. I have wondered lately if the calling has some amount of genetic pre-disposition. Some talents are learned, but i think they pale in comparison to what develops naturally. Not that instruction should be disregarded. Higher learning is what brings a given talent into focus. Like a ray of light brought to full intensity by a magnifying glass.
    “It starts before any degree course way back in a mother’s womb and then stretches on throughout life.” I couldn’t agree more. I thought the previous two generations of my family called me to carpentry. Having tucked my framing hammer away, and now armed with a plane i think the calling was instead the wood. I knew when i fit my first joint together that was it. It isn’t something i just like, or am just interested in. This is contentment, peace, passion, happiness.
    Famine sometimes feels endless, the feasts never last as long as you’d like, but the wood is consistent. The more techniques i learn, skills i build, the more it gives back to me. This is what life is meant to be in my case. I didn’t decide it, chase it, or force it. It was always there, waiting for the proper education to help extract it from me. Perhaps this is what it means to be a wood worker, I will spend the rest of my life finding out.

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