Aldi Chisels in USA Stores

For more information on chisels, see our beginner site Common Woodworking.

Well shaped and thin enough for fine work.

DSC_0012 It seems that we have succeeded!  Aldi have finally brought their chisels to the US and are either available now or over the next three weeks depending on region.

An Aldi chisel upcycled by me.

A friend of our work is sending us a set over to test and make sure they are the same quality we have here in the UK but I can’t see why that would be the case.

Just to let you know that we have used full sets of these chisels here in the UK for the past five years. The edges have never broken or crumpled. The tangs have never snapped or bent. The chisels themselves have never bent in any way along the length. The handles have never split or come loose of the tang. The tinny steel hoops have come loose in dry periods but they don’t do anything though and so are not necessary. Edge retention is just excellent and so too the hardness, a perfect balance. There are articles on my blog showing how to reshape the handle, which is ash by the way, very nice feel to it.

So, success all around I’d say. Perhaps other countries can do the same. Oh, cost seems to be $6.95. A third less still than the UK!


        1. Are your Aldi stores in the UK only selling (mainly) groceries? I would be surprised to see chisels in our small stores here in Pennsylvania I’ll have to check. The just opened another one close by.

          1. Yes the grocery store
            I got mine in Philadelphia when they were on sale a few months back

          2. They are seasonal. Twice a year here in the UK and new to the USA since my blogging on them and people there demanding them. Most of the stores sold out in two days I am afraid, but they would only be there for a week or so.

          3. I emailed Aldi’s asking about them because I could not find them in their stores. This was their reply:

            Thank you for contacting us regarding our Wood Chisel Set.

            Our “Special Buy” program allows us to provide customers with unique items available for a limited time. With new Special Buy products coming in every week, we have to sell them quickly to make room for the next exciting offers. The item(s) in question was a Special Buy we carried in our stores while quantities lasted. Unfortunately, we are unable to get any more at this time.
            Please feel free to visit our website,, to register for our weekly e-mail newsletter that includes information regarding upcoming Special Buy items. Please note that some advertised items may not be available in all stores.

            Thank you again for reaching out to us.

  1. Nice! I’ve been using some good blue-handled Marples chisels which are good-quality, but I’ve never been a fan of how they look. Definitely going to try these out.

  2. I bought two sets of these at Aldi yesterday for $6.95/set and posted this on Paul’s youtube video on sharpening them. I bought them at an Aldi right here in Ohio. They seem to be of very high quality, but are made in China – a paradox if there ever was one!

  3. I bought 2 sets in Del Ray FL. now to find the blog on reshaping the handles and honing. They feel very solid and look great.

  4. China is a BIG country, and quality varies considerably from one company to another. The key variable is the quality control exercised by the company which is marketing the product. Thus, Nicholson files made in Mexico would be acceptable if Nicholson cared at all about quality. By contrast, Bahco cares enough to make sure its files are OK, even if they’re made in Portugal. Obviously Aldi has this figured out. I don’t think you generalize too much; there is the sliding bevel sold by Bahco, which in the great Wal-Mart tradition, is a bevel-shaped thing and of little use as a tool.

    1. Might be smart to buy the Nicholson brand and rehabilitate it, while it still has some reputation left.

  5. We don’t have Aldi out west, but I have used the Grizzly/Shop Fox branded version and it survived some pretty horrid abuse in chopping out 3/4″ particleboard for a flooring project.

  6. My heart leaped when I saw these at Aldi this week! Snatched up a set instantly. I would have never thought to purchase these if it weren’t for you, Paul! Thank you for all you contribute!

  7. SteveM- Not in the West yet!! California, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada and more..

    Aldi Chisels on Sale – Valid: 5/31/2015 to 6/6/2015.
    • Six-piece File Set includes one flat file, one half-round file, one round file and three mini files
    • Four-piece Wood Chisel Set includes one 8mm chisel, one 12mm chisel, one 18mm chisel and one 24mm chisel • Ergonomic handles.

    Just to name a few locations
    Cities: Raleigh, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Pittsburg,Corning, Athens, Springfield, Staten Island, Boston
    States: Alabama, Arkansas, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, Indiana, Kansas,
    North Carolina

  8. I have some of the Shop Fox chisels as well. They seem to be the exact ones that Paul describes, sold by Aldi. These are made in Germany and have been very good so far.

    1. I wonder if the UK Aldi chisels are made in Germany? Because the USA Aldi chisels are definitely made in China.

  9. I bought a set here in Michigan just a couple of hours ago. It took under a half hour to flatten the backs and get them all shaving sharp using fine India and translucent hard Arkansas stones and a leather strop. I could have done it more quickly if I’d started out with a coarser stone. Well made tools.

    Aldi is also selling a decent looking set of 6 files for the same price–$6.95.

    Thanks for the tip, Paul!

  10. Add Minnesota / MPLS/St. Paul area – I got a set last weekend and immediately sent a tip out to make SURE PS knew about it! I was probably the 50th person to do so ;P

    I posted my own review this past weekend. I don’t know if it’s OK to post links in comments here to off-site forums. Anyone know if it’s cool?

  11. I just bought 7 sets at the Steelyard store in Cleveland, Ohio for $6.95 each. Most of the other guys in my co-op shop wanted a set too. I went to 2 other stores in the greater Cleveland area but they didn’t have them out yet. I was told they should be available at most stores Wednesday.

  12. Good quality and made in china is not a ‘paradox’, that’s just a dumb thing racists say online to sound wise.

    1. I stand corrected, clearly people associate “made in China” with unparalleled quality!

  13. Thank you, Paul. These chisels have finally come to Wisconsin! While they are not like a vintage Berg or Witherby in my opinion, the 12mm was very easily flattened, sharpened and honed (about 10 minutes total). It was easy to pare basswood cleanly and chop hard maple with a mallet. Edge retention so far is fine but I’ll reserve final judgement until it is sharpened 2 or 3mm (into the good steel). The chisel set appears to be ideal for the “amateur” woodworker due to both high quality and low cost.

  14. I picked up four sets in Connecticut today! Already had bought a set of faithful chisels but will make a good gift for my father in law and four household use as well!

  15. Hey Paul,

    When is the last time you saw these for sale in the UK? You used to say they went on sale twice a year-ish, but I haven’t seen any since I started looking in January…..

    1. It was twice a year, perhaps Aldi redirected ours to the US Hehe!!!

  16. That would not surprise me! I will keep having a look. It’s an interesting conundrum how long to keep waiting though. I’m getting by with the selection I have…

  17. On June 2nd I visited my ALDI store in West Virginia and to my surprise, they had the chisels!

  18. They have them in Tennessee. I was tempted to buy two sets, but I’m not sure what I’d do with the second set.

  19. Bought 3 sets here in Yukon, OK today for $6.99@ along with 2 sets of the files for the same price. Given the price I thought would give the files a try. We will see

  20. According to some,
    Those chisels would be made in China on behalf of “Meister-Werzeuge” and sold under the brand “Powerfix” for Lidl and the brand “Workzone” for Aldi.
    21.99 Eur/set.

    I don’t know which one is rebranded by Aldi, probably the 12.49Eur set.

    They explain their quality system here (4 pages):

    They sell chisels one by one in the following dimensions :
    6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, 26 and 30 mm.

    They sell on internet but my command of the German language is not good enough to know where they will ship.

    Unfortunately there are two ALDI : Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord, we don’t have the “good” one in Belgium.


  21. Went to the local Aldi today and got the last set, just before I paid I noticed that there were 2 18mm chisels in the package! The 24mm was missing, Doh!

  22. Paul,

    Just went down the thread. The chisels I picked up at Aldi’s in Mankato MN was the only set left. Tried to call them (44 miles away) via the 800 number but I was unable to call the local store when you posted this blog. Picked up my set today after seeing clients and noticed they are Vandium Steel, made in China. They had files and screw driver sets as well as a hammer.

    Did you test the quality of the current chisels?

    There is no indication of carbon content.

  23. Has anyone in the US who bought the WORKZONE files at Aldi had a chance to try them out? What’s the verdict?

    1. Robert, they seem to be fine. Worked great but haven’t had a chance to push them hard yet.

  24. Has anyone noticed any misalignment of the blade with the handle in any of the sizes?

  25. Many of us are old enough to remember when the phrase “Made in Japan” was synonymous with “junk”. Not any more. The Chinese are as capable of learning as anyone else.

    1. The Chinese and the Japanese have a long history of fine workmanship in every craft area, but it was the British that used up its resources and crossed the seas to exploit the other worlds. Protecting the Empire meant deeper mines, bigger pumps, dynamite and then of course wars too. A high demand nation places a high demand on goods and high demand on people and much of it under disguising banners. The result? The nuclear family, the breakdown of ties, dishonest dealings and much more. We export our dirty industries and use another nation or two or three. No local economies but global ones. Imports, exports crisscrossing the atlantic and the pacific with the same goods under a different name. British tools go from the factories of Sheffield to the USA and the factories of the USA bring the same goods under a different name to the UK. Now of course Chinese makers match both continents with the same quality goods at half the price. It’s a strange world indeed.

    2. You assume the Reds care, or the people that outsource to them.

      It isn’t set up that way.

      You can’t find anything anymore.. Files, Axes, Tools, even freaking boots. You choices are either: Garbage-made-in-the-shape-of-a-tool (China 99% of the time) OR sell-a-kidney-for-a-socket-wrench (Ex: Starret/Snap-Off).

      And if, by some miracle, you find something that might actually be reasonable, it’ll turn into a rubik’s cube of.. Has the company changed hands, have they outsourced, is it even the same product or has it been given a diffrent name.. or wait, it’s branded different but is the same product but only after a certain date and make sure you match the serial numbers. Because it mean the difference between total junk and good product.

      You can’t just go a buy a tool aymore, to look for anything is like a going on a quest with King Arthur for the Holy Grail.

      It’s set up this way on purpose ($$$$).

  26. That’s right. Find the adverts for the week of 6/3 (online) and flip through them. You’ll see a page, amongst the food, listing chisels. You can change your store on the web page, just in case different stores have different ads.

  27. Here is a quote about bevel-edge chisels from the Lee Valley/Veritas website:

    “A chisel is not complex.
    In today’s world, it should not be difficult to use a suitable alloy, properly forge, harden, and grind it, and put a handle on straight. Nonetheless, it seems to be more than most current manufacturers can achieve.”
    First of all, were it not for your blog, I would not have known to look for these chisels, so thank you. In the set of chisels I bought at Aldi in the US yesterday, two of the chisels (12mm and 24mm) have a slight side-to-side misalignment of the blade with the handle. In addition, the flats on the handles of the 8mm and 12 mm are not parallel with the flat surfaces (back and bevel side) of the blade — in other words, the handle is “twisted” a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining. All of the problems are minor and easily remedied. I was just wondering if other purchasers had encountered the same minor faults. For the price, I am thrilled. Several years ago Amazon had a closeout sale on a set of five Footprint chisels, nice chisels with tapered oval beech (?) handles, long blades, and a knurled brass ferrule, made in Sheffield. But several of the chisels had obvious blade-to-handle misalignment, as well as the same problem of the flats on the handle not being parallel with the flat surfaces of the blade. These faults were not minor, as with the Aldi chisels, but very obvious. Thanks again for the tip about the Aldi chisels.

  28. For those buying in US Aldi stores, are these stores primarily grocery stores like the one near me?

    1. Yes
      Watermelons and chisels
      Kind of a strange place but ‘……….

  29. Thanks Paul! I lucked out and bought the last set at my local Aldi. They seem as good as the $20 three-piece set I have from a big box store, which are now quite sharp thanks to your tutorial.

  30. Of course the Chinese are capable of learning to make quality products – but I have not seen a lot of high quality out of China, until now.
    Right now, for every high-quality Aldi chisel there is a truckload of Harbor Freight tools, for example. I would maintain that most Chinese stuff is still not very good, but that could change.
    PS: sadly, I am also old enough to remember when “Made in Japan” was synonymous with low-quality junk.

  31. I live about 25 miles outside of Pittsburgh, PA. Tonight I purchased the Aldi chisels in Monaca, PA. The price was $6.95 + .46 tax = $7.41. I am going to sharpen the chisels and put them to work.

  32. The Chinese are currently actively exploiting multiple countries in Africa. You have an anti-Western prejudice.

  33. You are correct, some of the finest things and many of the worst things are made in mainland China. On the other hand words have meaning and “China” is not a race.

    1. Oops, I mean “Meister-Werkzeuge” sell only B2B, so no chance for mere mortals.

  34. “On the other hand words have meaning and “China” is not a race.”
    Good point. I can remember one time when tomatoes coming out of Mexico were infected with salmonella, and when I said I was going to only buy tomatoes from the States for a while, someone called me “racist” then, too – I kid you not!

    Anyway, back to the point at hand, I checked my two sets of chisels and their handles were perfectly aligned with the blades.

    I would still like for someone in the UK to confirm that the UK version of these chisels were made in China and not in Germany (even at the risk of being labeled a racist for asking that!) LOL

  35. Drove up to Aldi in Newburgh NY and was disappointed that all the chisels (and files) were completely sold out. I was really hoping to buy a few sets and give them as gifts to budding woodworkers I know. Perhaps the upcoming Father’s Day also played a part in them selling out so quickly Oh well, maybe next time. Sorry friends, you’ll have to wait I guess. BTW, although my Aldi is primarily a grocery store they did have a bunch of non-food items such as BBQ supplies, tools, etc.

  36. Not sure how far you want to drive to look for them. There are aldi stores in Middletown, Stony Brook, Wappingers Falls and even in Kingston.

  37. They are actually sold in a food store here in Virginia. There is a very small section for hand tools in the store. Bought two sets yesterday for $6.95 each.

  38. Ok, answered my own question by watching Paul’s video more carefully. The Aldi US and Aldi UK chisels are not the same. I notice that Paul’s chisels in the video appear to have the name of a company in Hamburg Germany on the flat side, implying that they are made in Germany. The chisels I just bought at Aldi in Ohio were made in China and have the name of Aldi Batavia, Illinois on the flat side.
    Of course, the bottom line is the quality of the steel; only time will tell about that. But if they are made in different countries I’d say that the chances of them being the same is at least in question.

      1. Excellent news! Thank you for that information, I am mounting the various grits of sandpaper onto glad. right now and will hopefully soon have these honed to a near-razor’s edge. Your willingness to share your experience is much appreciated.

  39. Paul,

    I think you were going to check out this batch of chisels? I think Aldi and the buyers are all happy. Just wondering about comparisons of the different chisels you have purchased? The price is right.

    1. Not going down the analytical road. You must do what you want. Comparison tests are for the magazines who have to do that to sell what they really know very little about as if they are the experts. I don’t want my blog bogged down here.
      My only goal was to help those who have been led to believe a chisel has to cost £50, $50, or 50 Euros each or a set when they don’t have the money to do it. These happen to be excellent chisels and I would have no hesitation using them all day long. The power of my blog has caused Aldi to stock good chisels, raise eBay prices to double and triple and is changing the face of woodworking internationally. Mostly it’s because we are trying for the right reasons. Don’t be offended by this. Just want to keep it free from the unnecessary that’s all.

      1. Just want you to know that when you speak, we listen. LOL! I’m not offended. I’m glad you are here. To bad your not in Minnesota. LOL! As I have said in other places, and other people, I like the way you teach.

        1. Great! I always want to hear what people have to say and hear of different perspectives. It’s of great service to the woodworking community.

  40. I just wanted to report that I gathered together the (USA) Aldi chisels, my plate glass, my sandpaper, and sharpened one of the two sets I bought on June 1st, according to Paul’s instructions on his video. All of these took a very sharp edge, and easily passed the paper test shown near the end of the video, using regular copier paper. This confirms in my mind that the steel on the Aldi USA chisels is also of very high quality, or (I suspect) they would not have taken this keen of an edge.

  41. The ~1/4″ chisel snapped while chopping dovetails!! (I’m not new to this and wasn’t abusing it.) Anyone else have this problem?

    The thing is, at such a low price I just ground a new bevel and have a shorter chisel that is still worth the price.

    1. The only chisel I ever snapped in 50 years was a Narex one time in similar fashion, there was no reason except a flaw in this one casting. I am sure perhaps yours is the same. In 200 or so Aldi chisels we use we’ve never had one snap or bend and most of their use is with people unused to using them.

  42. These were the easiest chisels to flatten that I’ve ever had, but be careful to set a suitable bevel. Mine came with a 23 degree hollow grind bevel, which will be too weak for what I want to do, but is easy to correct. The chisels had a slight hollow, which made flattening really fast and easy. I pared the shoulders of a tenon in pine and was left with a glassy shoulder, no torn fibers. I’ve only worked 5 minutes with them, so really the only reason I’m posting is to say, make sure to set a reasonable bevel angle for what you want to do so that they don’t chip.

    1. Sounds as though these are different than the European models as the Euro ones come with flat bevels.

    2. Ed, those sounds like the ones my friend got off Ebay. They looked like the Aldi, but are Meister brand. Hollow ground, which is no biggie, but the handles were all askew of the chisels, no two alike. Usable, but could use new handles right out of the gate. Still probably not a bad deal if he had got them at Aldi and paid the Aldi price, but he paid $40.

      I hope for his sake the steel is at least good. If these are made by the same company they have varying levels of quality and different grinding. Unless I luck into the Aldi’s I’m going to keep scouring Ebay for old English steel at a decent price.

  43. I looked again, and you are correct: The bevels are flat. I misinterpreted a gap on the protractor, which was really an error in the angle. So, these are _flat_ bevels, around 23 to 25 degrees. Even without the hollow grind, I still don’t think I want to chop a mortise in oak at 23 degrees.

    It’s amusing that the chisels didn’t cost much more than the cantaloupe I bought with them.

  44. I was getting some other things at Aldi and picked up a set of chisels. I have a set of wood handled ones from HF that are pretty close. But you can never have too many chisels… Especially at that price.

    While I was there I noticed another guy getting some as well… I think the word is out! LOL!

  45. I bought two sets of the chisels and a set of the files. As an afterthought I picked up two of the metric/sae tape measures at 3.99 each for the tapes. Very pleased with my new acquisition.

      1. Paul I signed up for Aldi’s email flyer notification. I received a link every week and would go online and look at their weekly flyers. That was actually recommended to me by Aldi staff. It worked.

  46. Found them in an Aldi’s in Canton Ohio. They were mixed in with the file sets. Got sets for me and my sons.

  47. Bought a set of chisels here in Cleveland tn, very impressed with them, I decided to get some more for gifts but when I went back there want even any left, not even the file sets wetter left, I hope they get them again

    Paul, are they always in stock in your stores?

  48. Man, I’ve been checking so often here in Australia and they still haven’t shown up yet! Keeping my fingers crossed…

  49. Roger, Orange Mens Shed
    The chisels have been available in AUS for at least the last two years around October here in NSW..
    The price drops if not sold out in the first week to clear stock.

  50. Thanks Roger! I’ll make a note to keep an eye out around October.

  51. The UK ones are definitely made in Germany. Look up “saphir handelsgesellschaft chisel”. If anyone in the UK wants to resell a Saphir Aldi set to me, I’ll pay double and shipping. [email protected]

    1. My Chinese Work Zone chisels have made me extremely happy. They were very functional right out of the package and required very little flattening or cleanup. I mostly just honed them with a leather strop.

      1. Me too. I sharpened mine per Paul’s method and used them last weekend to carve mortises into a deck I was building. Cut that southern yellow pine like a hot knife through butter. Fantastic really.

  52. Didnt see them in the beltsville md store. I might have missed them as I looked on June 21st…

    1. They were on sale like the first week of June and were gone within the week. I signed up for Aldi’s email notifications. Supposedly items appear twice a year, but that I’m not sure of. They are great for the price.

  53. Bought 2 sets here in Northern Virginia (one for myself, one for a friend) — went back for a third (for my brother) — and they were sold out, all by the second week. Made sure to email Aldi and thank them for offering them in the stores!

    Just sharpened the ones I bought the other day. No alignment problems, backs of the chisels were slightly hollow-ground (easy to flatten), and they took a wonderful edge, just using 320, 600, and 800 grit sandpaper. Primary bevel, out of the package, is almost exactly 25 degrees. I set a secondary bevel at 30 (from a jig) — all of them came off the 800 grit, to the strop, and were ‘shaving sharp.’

    Thank you, Paul, for sharing the wealth — it’ll save us all in the pocket book… which means we’ll have more to put towards learning, mastering, and sharing the craft with others! Consider yourself hugged, from across ‘The Pond’, by a fellow Texan.

  54. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have tried these chisels before (a friend had brought them back from across the pond). And loved them. Great price and MUCH better than my Harbor Freight set.

  55. ok, so I also bought one set and got exited for the quality, easy to sharp, stays sharp very long comparing my home depot chisels and after one month I was working on a mortise and without any pressure the 18mm (~3/4”) just snapped in the middle!

    I’m very disappointed because this piece of work i’m working on is measured 18mm mortises and tenons and new I can’t continue with my 3/4” (bigger) and I’m not sure if Aldi still have it on stock.

    1. That’s the second person who has had that happen now, according to this thread. Maybe there really is a difference as to the ones sold in the USA vs. those from the UK? There also seems to be a difference of opinion in the thread as to whether some may be made in Germany and some made in China, or whether they are all made in China. I’ve never heard of any chisel snapping before this, but now there are two. The plot thickens!

    2. First one I have ever heard of breaking. I have seen the same happen with two North American premium chisel makers too, so no telling. Flaws can happen to any maker.

  56. Too bad it came and went so fast. I know I’d like to purchase a few more sets as gifts for friends who don’t have an Aldi’s near them. Here’s to hoping they bring them back, even if only as a special again. I encourage all of you to send an email to Adli’s requesting them to do so, even if you already bought a set this last time. It’s easy to do, just google “contact Aldi’s” and a link to the form is among the first results.

    1. I made sure to write them specifically to thank them for offering the product, noting that I bought several, and that I recommended that all of my woodworking friends consider buying a set, either for personal use or as a gift for another, and that I look forward to seeing them offered in stores again. I got a response back thanking me for the feedback – so I know the message is getting through from at least one of us. 🙂

      1. I stopped by our local Aldi’s and they did not have any….:-(
        Must not be Chisel season in Pennsylvania!?

        1. Talked to the manager of the Mankato MN store. Explained that this particular item was requested by Paul. This is what they call a specialty item. Might come in 4 times a year. But make sure you request it.

          1. The kind customer service representative told me its an annual special item not a seasonal
            🙁 if there is enough interest I’ll try to get an order in to the germany factory to the States. I’d probably need like 50 preorders though hah

  57. I, too had two of the Chisels snap on me. I purchased four sets and have been using one set myself without any issues, so maybe a bad casting? Anyway my two cents.

    1. That’s three people so far on this thread. I have been using mine though and have not snapped any.

  58. I’ve recently checked three Aldi stores on Long Island (New York). None of them had the chisels.

  59. I have 2 sets of the Aldi chisels with the Paul Sellers modifications. They sharpen and work beautifully.

    One problem I have noticed with them is that they are metric and all my other tools are imperial. This makes them less useful for doing mortises in the grooves made by my plow plane (hanging tool cabinet project).

    I don’t envision grinding the “1/4″ Aldi chisels down to true 1/4″ size. So luckily, I have several true 1/4” chisels.

  60. Yes, picked up a set this morning here on Long Island. Thanks for the “heads up”. I almost went home empty-handed, as they were buried in the back of a box with file sets and not visible.

    I really didn’t need these chisels, but I couldn’t resist the urge to buy them for a song and tune them up, as it were.

    1. Ironically when I learned about these from you last year I picked up 2 sets. I opened 1 set as users and put 1 away for the time being. A “pair and a spare” so to speak. Well as I belong to and follow quite a few woodworking groups on Facebook, I preached their virtues at most every opportunity. One of the things I love about these groups is the knowledge that is available there. So I started hearing quite a few users planned on making a set of skew chisels. Well I’ve been wanting some skew chisels for quite some time but the cost for a pair is rather expensive. I did win a set of Crown 1/4″ offset skews on ebay for $20.00….not a bad price. They are well built solid tools, but I’m unsure of their intended use as they are a 1/4″ square the full length. They’re built very thick like a set of mortise chisels. So I decided when the Aldi chisels became available this year it would be prudent to get one more set. I would keep my regular users and take two sets and regrind them in to a full set of skew chisels. So as you can imagine when they became available this year I missed them. But that made me realize that I can still make my set of skews and pick up another set for regular users……next year… Then a question came to mind….the grind angle. So your opinion would be greatly appreciated. Do I grind them at 45° or would a shallower or steeper angle be better? That being 40° or 50°. Is this an opportunity to decide on a more optimal angle or would you stick with 45°? Obviously like a kid in the candy store, I’m not sure exactly what I want. I’m sorry about the length of this post but writing it has been cumbersome as my phone has been acting strange of late.

  61. Yep, they’re back! Given the dates, I have to think that it will be a yearly thing for them. It will be interesting to see how the production quality varies from year to year.

  62. Found them in South Carolina today but the first two aldis I checked only had empty boxes and file sets. Third time’s the charm.

  63. I hadn’t done anything with the chisels I purchased from last year. I had to sharpen my carpenter/stanly steel tang chisels as I am notching the ends out of garden timbers and making lap joints for a small tractor/wood shed. I decided to sharpen the biggest Aldies chisel and opened the package.. They are comparatively light weight in comparison, but having just sharpened the Stanley’s I wanted to test it out. It was quite impressive and required more of a gentle touch. Had seen the post that they are back, and didn’t see them. Yep the manager showed me where the remaining chisels were buried. Although some have reported breakage I’m thinking “excellent for the price.”

    They have slightly different labeling from last years product.

  64. I understand this post is almost two years old but has anyone found a need to modify the clearance angle of the sides for getting into inside corners between tails?

    1. I haven’t found it necessary to modify the bevels on the edge of the chisels when working on tails — but … that would also depend on the size/angle of the tails you are working on? For the 1:7 pitch angle on tails, the Aldi chisels seem to work find.

      However, if you *want* to modify the angle of the side bevel, Christopher Schwarz had a great article on chisels in the April 2017 Popular Woodworking issue — it’s essentially the same process as re-grinding a bevel on the cutting edge of a chisel. A platform in front of the grinder helps, and just go slow, like you would grinding the cutting edge.

    2. It’a absolutely unnecessary and offers little real advantage when you are in the zone though people will occasionally tell you it is more essential than it really is for more refined work. Once you understand the physics of compound angles you see that there is almost no place a square ended chisel can’t go. That said, there is nothing wrong if that’s what you want.

  65. Well, I looked at Aldi (USA) online and it seems they have the chisels in stock, at least in my ZIP code.
    Go to — enter your ZIP code, and see if they have them listed in either the instore flyer or the weekly flyer. They still are very good tools at a ridiculously low price.

    1. Have not seen them in my southern MN Aldi’s. Paul recently did a blog about the Aldis chisels which apparently are different and typical garbage. I will look though.

      Have a couple sets.

      1. Hello All – I purchased a number of sets of the chisels a few years back in suburban Dallas,Tx. While they sharpened fine and the back did not take much to flatten, at least one of the sets was very low quality steel. Two of the chisels broke when I had them in my vise and I was modifying the handle. I noticed they are in this week’s flyer. I might purchase another set and sharpen up and gift a young person as a beginner set.

        1. I have bought many a dozen and changed the handles which are the most secure of any I have tried and never had one break or bend. I still use them over all other chisels now, daily, and I have run them against the top lines of the very best. You may have just had a bad one in the bunch. The neat thing is they are so easy to return for a money back refund or replacement and get back to work. Not always the same experience with return lables, posting back and then waiting two weeks for a replacement or whatever.

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