Draw-bores and the poor-man’s dowel maker via YouTube

DSC_0080Here’s a new YouTube video we did on a draw-bore mortise and tenon joint. It has a poor-man’s dowel maker I pulled together and have used for half a century in my life that works perfectly just for drilling a hole that makes a square peg into a perfect round dowel. That way you cane make a dowel in any wood you want. DSC_0052I hope you enjoy its simplicity. We made the video when we made the dining table series for making a trestle table on woodworkingmasterclasses.com three months ago.DSC_0441


3 thoughts on “Draw-bores and the poor-man’s dowel maker via YouTube”

  1. Cliff Williams

    What an interesting video. One of the things that has been bugging me for a long time has been how do the Timber Framer guys tighten up their oak frames. I always assumed they offset the two holes in the mortice but now with this Video all is explained!!

    Great stuff.


  2. I love the video but your process for making dowels is so much more simple than anything else I’ve seen out there. I am currently rebuilding a spinning wheel (it had an altercation with a ping pong table and the table won..) and needed the small pins to hold the spindles to the wheel. I wanted to keep everything I did true to the original spirit of the builder so I didn’t want to go try to buy the pins (if I could even find them). I was looking at hand carving them and was concerned over making a consistent size and then I remembered this video. I took a piece of steel and drilled a few holes the proper size, cut some small pieces of wood, drove them through the holes and voila! Not only are all my pins the exact same size, I made them in just a few minutes. Thanks for taking the time to publish these videos!

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