Making my chair video

This is the introduction YouTube video to making my dining chair for those who want the adventure to begin. It’s a video series you can join in with if you are or become a paying member of and this membership also gives you access to hundreds of woodworking videos we have produced over the past years.


Woodworkers have always told me how and why they avoid making chairs and many professional furniture makers avoid chairmaking because they find them intimidating. Don’t let anyone put you off. Once you have built the first one you will soon feel inspired to build the suite and they will go well with the trestle dining table that can also be viewed vi too.



  1. Hi Paul,

    In the videos, do you recommend any British suppliers of leather and upholstery foam?


    1. I have always bought via ebay since I came to the UK, and it’s always been successful. The colour has always been good for me and so to the leather I have used. Buying a full hide may be to much unless you are doing a full set of chairs but definitely the upholstery hides have always met my criteria. Foam is usually compressed into a tight roll much smaller than you would think possible and springs back straight away to regain its shape and thickness with no problems.

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