Buying My Book-Here It Is At Last!

The book is finally ready to purchase! Click here to buy it. We are happy to ship anywhere in the world. The shipping costs for the book or book and DVD set are £2.50 in the UK, $6 in the US £7.00 to the EU and £10 anywhere else. We have done our best to keep these shipping costs low.*

We aren’t quite ready to ship but we will be over coming weeks and we feel it is time to open up the order system. We will get the books in the post to you as soon as possible. This will take a little longer in the US than the UK because we are shipping part of the stock to the US by freight to reduce the overall shipping costs.

Not a mock up but the Real McCoy all 480 hard-bound pages.

DSC_0119I can’t really tell you what this book has meant to me. Over the months you read the work many times. You change sentences and pass it to others for their thoughts and then you make more changes and restructures too. Sometimes you put it down frowning and frustrated and then you pick it up again and feel totally inspired by one simple alteration that makes good sense of things. If it can change my life, and writing it has, then other people’s lives will be changed in the reading of it to.

Today the door bell rang and my heart positively flipped a triple somersault. I’d been waiting for a package which was of course the first book off the presses. I cut the tape and lifted a very substantive book from the bubble wrap. It would be impossible to describe what making this book available to woodworkers anywhere means but when you open your package I think and hope that your heart flips a triple somersault too.unnamed

A few years ago I realised just how much videoing would fill in the blanks a written page can’t quite capture. Embracing videography greatly enhanced what we write of and by the many thousands we now share the heart of what feel is core to good woodworking. The new book reflects my 50 years of working hard with the tools inside it. It took three DVDs to record what I wanted to pass on, so I truly hope this endeavour will develop skills far beyond your expectations.

DSC_0140Please, also, if you are local to the area, the book signing in 10 days is for you. Obviously geography often determines what we can and cannot do.

A Note on Autographs

I won’t be able to sign books that we ship. We have put plans in place to help make sure that the book can be shipped as inexpensively as we can and this means I cannot practically intercept the books in order to sign them. That said, I will always sign books whether in a show or at a bus depot. When you come to classes or I visit your town in another area or country. That goes without saying.

*Please be aware that if you are outside the UK, US or EU you may be charged customs, import duty or some other tax by your country’s authorities.

58 thoughts on “Buying My Book-Here It Is At Last!”

    1. I would really appreciate if you thought about what you post here a little more. Remember, this is the 21st century, there is is no need to to keep dwelling in the 19th or whenever it was cool to “have a son”.

      1. hphimmelbauer

        Is not it a hard live to think about every step to be political correct There are tons of (wseb)pages for the women day and this is for a book. Though Austrian, I know this”tree, house, son – story” too. And my 2 daughters and my son are able to work with screwdrivers and more without getting hurt. Relax, step down and cheer with us.
        Btw – I have Your first book Mr Sellers and it asks for a “little” brother. Ooops. Sister of course. Pardon, Nicolai :P.

      2. It is not in my opinion ( cool ) to have a son but a blessing .one of the most wonderful things I have had the pleasure of seeing was my son born.

      1. I surely feel blessed and fortunate to have your guidance for the past two years since I discovered woodworking. Thank you for everything.

    1. So thrilled this is happening. It was hard work but so rewarding not just for me but for everyone.

  1. Got my order in, now just need to make it over to Oxfordshire for the autograph

  2. Purchased! I’m curious if the book also contains information how to prepare stock. I love your video series about it but they are not always available at my workbench, your book will be!

  3. How do you order this if you live in the USA? And, how much does the book itself cost, and how much more is it for the DVDs too? Congrats; so pleased that YOU are getting so much out of it; I am sure I will learn a great deal from this book, also. I have a lot of experience but one never stops learning, especially in this craft. I am so thrilled that I discovered woodworking; I can’t put into words how much it has enriched my life! For you to pass on your knowledge is special. Thanks!

  4. Hi Paul,

    I have your first book and love it! Can you talk a little about how this book differs and/or builds upon the first? And how should we, as virtual Paul Sellers apprentices, best utilize the contents of the book and DVD?

  5. handmadeuniqueclocks

    With 480 pages on hand tooling I guess you can safely say the one woodworking book you’ll ever need. 50 years of woodworking knowledge, 50 years of experience crammed into only 480 pages. How in the world did you do it? I wonder if there’s going to be a second edition.

    On a lighter note I’ve noticed both you and Joseph to have lost a considerable amount of weight since I saw your last pic you posted as a family portrait. I too have lost 40kg in the last 6 months.

    You truly are a wonderful man whose interest is not the dollar but to be in service to mankind as you have clearly demonstrated time and time again throughout your videos, posts and now this book. The price of this book truly does not surpass 480 pages of written valuable information because you care about people and their passion for this craft and therefore you have opted as a true craftsman humbled by life not to live in the clouds but grounded yourself down to the earth by making this book to be within most people’s financial reach. This is a commendable selfless act and if many people followed your example this world would be a much better place to live in.

  6. Kevin Maloney

    I’m so glad your book is now available (I ordered immediately – DVD set too!) I love the way you teach and plan on sticking with your site.
    Thank You!
    Kevin Maloney

  7. Just ordered book an dvd set!!
    I am sure it’s the best purchase I could do!

    1. I am biased but I am sure you will love it. It feels so right. The outcome of so many years.

  8. Have just bought the book & DVD as instructed by my daughter, Julie, as a late Christmas present. We wished each other a Merry Christmas. I won’t need another Christmas present for years now. Then read a very poignant Facebook tribute to her Nana who died a few days ago from the daughter (Amy Peckham-Driver) of a very lovely friend. This is worth a read and puts everything in life into perspective as Paul, you often do. Has already been liked 32k times! Another life-changing day starts.

  9. Ordered and very pleased to be able to do so directly through the publisher. Hopefully that means you’ll see more of the proceeds.

    Very much looking forward to getting an autograph on it once the courses resume later in the year.

  10. Placed my order, thank you and your team for what must have been a huge project all around. Thankful to be able to support you in this Paul.

  11. Hi Paul
    order placed,will you be visiting the woodwork show at Newark by any chance
    thanks david

  12. I just bought the book with the help of a friend. It’s a long trip tho (Chile) if i’m lucky it’ll get here at the end of April. The overwhelming anxiety will only increase over time, send help.

  13. Congratulations at last!
    I’m hoping to come to the book signing! Unfortunately I can’t confirm until next week as there is a possible other domestic comittment. If that’s taking place I HAVE to be there! However, I hope to see you then.
    Matt Sims

  14. Paul Dallender

    Just signed up for the book signing at the Ashmolean. I lived and worked in Oxford for six and a half years before moving up to Yorkshire and just my luck, will be going back there visiting my partners mother the weekend before for Mother’s Day. Oh well, no complaints here, I am so looking forward to meeting Paul in person after watching so many of the videos.

  15. Wow, 480 pages and three DVDs! That’s a lot more than I had ever hoped for. I’m really excited to have my own copy!

  16. Martin Sørensen

    Hi Paul… Put in my order yesterday… And looking forward to receiving my book and DVDs…. Will there be an e-book or PDF version… would be nice to have this on the IPad or Surface

  17. I could not wait to order your book. Thanks for all of the hard work and time. Will there be an e-mail confirmation for the order?

    David DeLuca

  18. Paul,

    Ordered the book! Hope it arrives soon! Congratulations with your new book!


  19. I’m so very happy for you, Paul. I await the book arrival here in North Carolina with great anticipation.
    All my best,

  20. Glad you finally have made it, Paul. Although not physically, a hard work it is.
    Could you give us a summary, both for the book and DVD?

  21. Jonathan O'Neill

    Order cannot wait to read it and read it together with my Eight year old, she will be starting her weekend woodworking apprentice with me 🙂

  22. Hi Paul, just ordered the book and DVD”s. Can”t wait to get it. Thank You for your hard work and sharing your journey. Steve

  23. ordered the book plus dvd’s, a very deep bow for you and your team for everything you have done for us.

    1. Thanks so much for your support. It has been a lot of work, but we are always moving forward.

  24. Michael Price

    I am so happy for you and excited for us who have anticipated it’s birth, Hoorah!!
    Michael J Price….USA

  25. Andre Prudhomme

    Just ordered the book & DVD set and am excited about both of them!

    2 quick questions:

    1 – Do you have any plans to offer the video content for sale digitally? I’d love to watch the videos on my computer while in the shop, but my computer (along with many made today) don’t have a DVD player.

    2 – With the release of your book and all the additional associated activity, will you still have time to teach a class at the new legacy school this year?

  26. Hello Paul,
    I would be very interested if your shared a bit on what you did put into this work. I mean the content of it, of course, but also what your intentions and thoughts were as a writer .
    For my part I started as a writer and illustrator and now after a couple of years of following your courses I’m becoming a woodworker without any expectation! Anyway, bless you for what you do and how you do it, and best regards from France.

  27. Paul. Do you have plans to release the book as an e-book? I’m trying to save space (and trees.) They are also easier to carry around.

    1. We don’t. Not at this stage. It’s a funny thing really. I remember the early day promises when the computer was going to eliminate the need for paper and 20 years later we were using seven times more as a direct result of the computer through mismanaged typos. I don’t know if this was or is in any way true today but it should never stop us trying for better.

  28. Gregor Greiner

    Hello Mr. Sellers,

    Will your book be sold on Amazon at any point? I found a link for it, but its not available at this time.

    Thank you,


    1. It’s on its way to the distribution centre via the great oceanic divide as we speak. Once there it will be shipped out immediately. Yes it will be available via Amazon.

        1. Yes. Stocks have arrived in the USA and are on their way to the fulfilment centre as I type so by next week? It may take a day or two to stock and mail and you can order from us and your postal charges will be standard US book rates plus handling.

          1. David Williams

            Hi Paul, sorry to be a pest but, is there a delay with supply here in the UK? I placed my order in the beginning of March and no sign yet. I read people’s praise and would like to add my own but alas can only feel envious. If I just need more patients then forgive me, I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

          2. I am assured that all orders are going out tomorrow. Sorry for the delay but from here on it should all be good.

          3. Gregor Greiner

            I have been checking the US Amazon site weekly and the book is still listed as “Currently Unavailable.” Has the timeline been pushed back?

  29. Hi Paul (and Team),

    I purchased the book and dvd set. I’m looking forward to reading it and gaining knowledge. Thanks for teaching woodworking in a way that’s practical and clear! Will you be making the DVD content available through iTunes? I don’t care for ebooks but do prefer having a digital copy of what’s in the DVD. It allows me to watch it from my Apple TV and iPad etc. plus no worrying about scratches or damaged DVD’s. Thanks again for all that you do!

  30. I was happy to get the book and DVDs and sat down to read random parts.
    The content is great but oh dear, the font size is so small!
    This makes it hard to read for this 60+ year old, despite the high white space tween lines.
    If only some of the very wide white margins had been reduced and the font size increased by 1 to 2 points, then it would be so easier to read.
    Sorry to be negative on this aspect.

  31. Raymond R Doyle Sr

    I’m 84yr and have cancer and hope to turn around and have some woodworking to occupy my time as a hobby and would like to have one of your books for beginners

  32. Hi, Paul and gang. Just tripped onto this BLOG entry.

    I’ve recently bought the book but without the DVDs (not advertised). I picked it up at Lee Valley in Ottawa. I’d also bought your first book some years back – this is what turned the light switch on to the rest of your activities – but also without the DVDs (also not advertised).

    Could you provide a bit on the DVDs’ content so I can determine if they’re essential or not?

    1. To be honest, certainly since the first book and DVDs, we have far been surpassed what we offered through free online instruction on YouTube and Since those early efforts in first DVDs eight years ago we have put out hundreds of hours of video, over 600 online, much of it covering the same or similar content and all of it for free. Some of the project series are paid for in but most techniques, tools and methods of working are almost always free.

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