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Out of all the blog posts I wrote in 2016, this was the most read:

Cam clamps for almost free or about ÂŁ1 each.

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Out of all the videos we filmed in 2016, this was the most viewed:

15 thoughts on “Best of 2016”

  1. I’m not surprised about the plane restoration video; it really is a superb step-by-step on how to get a plane to good working order. I’m very grateful for that valuable resource.

  2. I agree with Gordan and I’ve probably watched it a half dozen times but I think I’ve watched all of them more than once.

  3. Yes.I’ve restored two metal planes (Stanley 4 1/2 and Recod 220) following that video, and three bench planes more are waiting over the workbench, including a wooden jack plane to be restored following another Paul’s video. I wonder if Paul really knows how all of us are learning with him. You should see my flea market auger bits set after sharp them doing what he does in “auger bit” video. They drill like new now, and some of them can be from 40 years ago… Thank you very much for all this gifts, Paul.

  4. The gift of knowledge, love of a craft, the desire to see others learn and prosper are beyond a dollar value. While technology has some tremendous drawbacks yet it has provided a wonderful means of education and learning for people around the world. Paul has affected more lives in a positive way than he will ever be aware of. The giving of one’s self is the best gift ever.

  5. I liked the clamp video also. I really do not think I could have come up with that design myself. I do really enjoy how your designs and your solutions to problems. Thank you

  6. Happy New Year Paul, It’s been a while since I left a comment.

    I don’t recall seeing any blog posts or videos on mitre boxen of the vintage variety. I myself have four of them in various stages of repair. I have seen a few things here and there showing people things that can be done with them that never occurred to me so I was wondering, would it be possible to get your take on them this year?

    My wife and daughter gave me a hand-made booklet of “free time coupons” for Christmas and as anyone can guess, those hours will be wiled away in the shop! I have use for these buggers but am curious about more uses beyond mitered laps and picture frames.


    Talking about restoring planes I got some good deals this year a Stanley # 2&3. This video will help alot.
    Thanks Paul

  8. Mauricio Carrillo

    Dear Mr. Sanders,

    I truly want to thank you and here is why. I am a 58-year-old man who has always wanted to be a carpenter or something of the sort ever since I can remember. I don’t know if it was from watching Pinocchio when I was only a kid. It wasn’t too long ago that I began watching your YouTube videos and it all happened by chance and how the search engine manages to use the logarithms. I was searching for; ‘how to sharpen a chisel”. And there you were, with your tempered voice and assertive knowledge. Well to make a long story short, I have invested myself in learning how to use all kinds of hand tools and have spent thousands of dollars on tools. I haven’t made anything yet, but I have started to make a workbench and of course, now all my chisels are razor sharp. I just hope that one day soon I will be able to call myself a woodworker.

    Thank you for the encouragement.
    Oh! and by the way, English is my second language so pardon the errors.


    1. Now it is time to start applying the knowledge to an outcome of creating. I am sure it will all go well because sharp edge tools, good saw sharpening and so on are the key to the work we do. if there are trade secrets then the biggest one that we were in danger of losing it was sharpening tools and doing it efficiently. The other thing to climb over is the obsessive compulsive disorder syndrome of being mesmerised by the shavings chips and sharp edges and lose sight of the fact that it’s actually the making and creating that matters the most. So have at it in ’17!

    2. Heinrich-Peter Himmelbauer

      Funny. Nearly the same history here. Searching for sharping chisels and then I see the Workbench. How about continuing with the carrying tote, as You have sharp chisels now – and a workbench. But do not carry the chisels with it … hammer, mallet and so on yes. Then turn to the wall-clock. And then to the mitered box.
      Do it and You will have a wonderful time with woodworking. I did it that way and have a wonderful time creating woody things.
      (As Austrian my native language is not Englilsh too. Maybe nothing to apologize, but a matter of fact 🙂 )

  9. I’m not surprised the plane restoration video was popular. I used it myself to find out how to restore a Stanley #4, which I subsequently did with great results. I use the restored plane almost every day now. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  10. David Adair, Oregon City Oregon USA

    I stumbled upon your youtube site this last year and I think I have watched almost all of your videos. At Christmas I made twenty five four pointed stars for gifts and they were really appreciated. And now a younger woodworker wants me to show him how to make the stars.
    Keep up the good work for this new year.

  11. Jonathan Maharajah

    Love that plane restoration vid. We began teaching my daughter at home in September and ordered a second hand Talco plane end of October. We have followed this vid in order to restore it and it is looking great. The delight in her eyes as she restores something old, back to life, is priceless. Thank you Paul. Our next project is getting her tenon saw sharpened and restored, at which point we will begin her first ever woodworking project: Building an oak mallet. Thanks again for making this stuff freely available.

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