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How to Make Snap-to-line Templates

I have used snap-to-line templates for my work for a number of years now and no other method of making templates comes close. They are accurate and long lasting too. We made a quick video to help you understand the techniques and I am sure you will enjoy this. Here is the video for my snap-to-line template making:


To read more on this, please read this blog post.


  1. Joel says:

    Thank you for a great idea, Mr. Sellers! I have always used card stock, which has always been flimsy and not nearly as useful as the method you have shown.

  2. Andrea Kirkby says:

    Great post. It’s good to see the link between your drawings, your templates and the final work.

    For smaller pieces like boxes, I often use Tetrapaks, cut and flattened out, to make templates. Any left over bits make good glue spreaders!

  3. Robert Engel says:

    I am in US. I found this product: High Impact Polystryrene. Thicknesses from .020″ (.5mm) up to .060 (1.5mm). I believe this is the product I will give it a try. I found it on Amazon. Thank you Mr. Sellers for making us aware of this it will be of great use to me.

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