30 comments on “Happy Easter Everyone!

  1. Wonderful send up — especially the importance of the curl going to the left (and not the right) — better fragrance going to the left, I presume. I HAD to follow the links to find out how you were going to get to the point! Happy Easter!

  2. Hey Paul and team
    I will like to order 2 liters of Eau de oak. I love the tanin smell ;-))
    Happy Easter.

    • Thanks
      I managed to get it on Amazon Prime. I’ll send you the orders. Please fulfill as they expect 2 day shipping.
      Happy Easter

  3. Tuning planes last year, bottled wood this year, looking forward to next year already. Keep woodworking, we love you.

  4. I laughed when I heard “Perfume De Paul” and I thought if this was for real so is it or is it an April fools joke.

  5. I told my wife I would order her a bottle and she replied “I’m not wearing perfume that smells like wood”. I showed her the video and had her read Paul’s blog. When she saw the order page she said “Paul is a Turd”. Thanks for the laughs, Hope you had a Happy Easter.

  6. Okay, I knew what was coming, but I wanted to follow the click-trail to its conclusion, just to see what you would do, and get a good laugh!

    Gotta watch those Left-leaning curls, though!

  7. Nice indeed, but it sound too good to be true how should I know I have bought left leaning curl or right leaning curl, I’m not buying that Paul, PLANE it simple, sorry (plain and simple).***** 😉

  8. Nice one Paul but not too far from the truth. How often have we enjoyed the smell of pine or cedar in the workshop.

  9. The way you tell stories is wonderful!
    I still remember the story last year, by this time (set-up of a planer using a tuning fork!)

  10. I like ‘factory seconds’ please keep the left hand curls and i will take the bottles made with them… from the discount section. Happy Easter to you and all the group at Paul Sellers!

  11. Paul, you should have noted that for those of us south of the equator the shaving should go right to left. Hope this helps.

  12. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! I’ve replayed it repeatedly, showed my wife, sent it to my ex-wife and everyone I known who has an appreciation for a good, wholesome, wood fragrance. Lol. How you filmed this without multiple times cracking-up is beyond me. Thank you and Happy Easter and Many Shavings to you and all in your new digs.

  13. This did bring to my face and in particular Paul saying his fragrance title..
    what I want I know is,
    How many takes for this video..? Or is Paul so professional he was able keep it together.
    Happy easteau.. !

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