Paul’s Garage Workshop? It’s built!

The beginning blank page…

Yup! After an anxious few weeks and two years in the planning, I am very ready to take up occupation. I want you with me as I develop and build my creative workspace. The two cleaning specialists just left this evening following the builders handover and did a sterling job following four weeks of an unsettling non-stop build. I just got home after walking around everything and found myself singing joyfully when no one could hear but me (thankfully). Who knows how many people we will be reaching from my garage walls? Who knows who’s lives will be changed or by what? If it so lifted my spirits today it will surely lift the spirits of others on every continent and in every country. Am I excited? I could dance!!!

…and what it is now.

In the last few minutes of the studio build, as the bricklayers set in the last seam of pointing, I thought about the steps it took to get to this point. It would be so easy to miss all of the steps and see them as an abandonment of this or that for something better along the way. Whereas that did of course happen too, I have to say not at all. I have quite loved every step, even the times when I thought it was time to give up. You see a vision comes to pass through many diverse trials and such trials become a mass of stepping stones I’ve come to know as struggles and fights, sacrifices and intense opposition. I watched the faces of those I have come to know who work alongside me day by day. Guess what? They were as excited as I was (‘cept they didn’t sing and dance as I did…yet!). And want to guess something else?!!! It’s only just the beginning. Over the next upcoming period I will keep you posted on my new creative workspace. The workbench I made for the recent series of workbench building will come in to its rightful home next week with me. The customising will start and I will be showing you how to add your drawer, some shelves for your sharpening gear and all of the additional bits I do to make my bench work for me. As some might say, “Watch this space!” Or should I say, “Watch my

garage space!”

34 thoughts on “Paul’s Garage Workshop? It’s built!”

    1. Richard Harnedy

      I see electrical sockets Paul … maybe power for the machine you hinted at in a recent blog. Keep going Paul just keep going.

      1. Richard, I reckon the power sockets are for authenticity, we all have them in our garages..! Paul, make the illusion complete and hang a hosepipe and a grass stained flymo on the wall 😀

  1. We are all waiting Patiently to see the new hot spot to go into action. I’m sure we will see the smile on your face as you begin the first project in the new space. What is it likely to be?
    OK. keep us guessing ;D

      1. I know. I was being facetious. I think Paul is making a mistake keeping his tool collection boxed up.

      2. It’s funny how people adopt terms like this, Mike. It’s not really minimalist, perhaps more nonsumerist???

  2. Well, master, what can I say?! You are an inspiration – in every way!

    A hug from Brazil!

  3. Fantastic. Well done to Paul, Phil and everyone else involved in this project. Can’t wait for the next project.
    Best regards from South Africa.

  4. I like the pallet wood rafters. Its a nice touch.
    I think we’re all as eager to see what comes out of this studio as you are to get started in it.

  5. Looks Great!! Would love to know the size ( square footage) of the “Garage workshop” space.
    This would help me as I am in the process of planing to build a garage workshop.I have limited space but looking at this workshop could help he greatly.

    1. While I dont have exact size it was based off what in the USA is called a “1 car garage”.

    2. Michael Ballinger

      I have a 3×4 metre workshop just built. Paul commented that he thought I would be very happy in that size space as he has worked in a similar space before.

  6. Ferd van Ooijen

    Hello Paul, it is very nice i like it!
    succes for the years to come, greetz from Ferd. from the Netherlands

  7. How exciting and congratulations! I’m also in the process of building a workshop in my garage. In hoping to build something worthy of my new work bench (that’s still living in my house). Although, since my space will not be soundproof like yours, I don’t think I’ll do any singing. I’m looking forward to seeing your videos filmed in your new space.

  8. Congratulations Paul, so happy for you and the crew. Looking forward to seeing you behind your bench again.

  9. Mike Van Hove, Columbia, MIssouri, USA

    Way to go, Paul. I’m green with envy, as Ginny and I are in the process of moving to a retirement village, and I will be giving up my beloved 20′ X 30′ workshop building. I have sold all my power equipment and due to your wonderful instruction, I’m restoring all my old hand tools, and will only keep my big workbench and the hand tools. I never knew how well a handsaw could work until I saw (several times) your videos on saw and chisel sharpening. Wow! the difference between day and night. Thank you so much for setting me off in a new direction.

    1. Funny you should mention that Mike.
      I heard (read) an odd comment the other day that someone was “giving up” all his tools and was disappointing that he could no longer “keep-up” with the rigors of working in the shop. I thought to my self, I would be so depressed. and I looked around and realized that I will never have to do that. Just keeping the minimum there is SO much that I can build with a tool box of hand tools, a bench (and a recent addition – a saw bench – Why didn’t I do that 30 years ago?!)

  10. Trevor C Hosken

    Having moved workshops I had a clear out of the last member of staffs leftover stuff and found a very old woodworking book. Inside the cover it read. ‘I too will something make and joy in the making.’ I trust Paul, that you will get joy and give joy as you continue to inspire us all with your passion and skills in your new workspace. Much blessing.

  11. Hi Paul congratulations on your new workshop it’s great that you are being enthused by the new premises . and bringing us along in your journey.
    Looking forward to the new biulds.
    Regards Larry.

  12. Congratulations Paul. You are the Yoda of hand tool woodworking. Looking forward to your first project in the new digs.

  13. Joe MacDougall

    Everything looks wonderful…what a nice working atmosphere for all of us to share! Thank you!

  14. Great work. All your mentioned points are actually helpful for these most common garage interior problems. Thanks for sharing in a detailed way.

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