1. I like what you’re doing with the workspace – lots of good ideas. I’ve set up in my basement, as the garage is way too cold October through March in New England. I’ll be building a tool cabinet rather than open shelves to control dust and keep things dry as possible.

    I’d love to see you build that 2 drawer chest – looks like a fun project.

  2. What happened to the large new workshop you moved into for your video work etc

  3. Hi Paul Thanks for showing us around your workshop.
    I have a garage workshop and just love it.
    Funny enough I Have designed it almost same as yours, with the lay out. With tools a accessibility.
    Thanks for your update.
    Regards Larry

  4. Thank you for this update. I am busy building a new workshop and your ideas I find useful.
    What is the total width of your bench from the front to the added “second tray”?

  5. Paul,

    Thanks for posting the video tour. I am shamelessly and thoroughly using your many years of experience to guide/direct my woodworking and my own single garage space shop.

    I appreciate so much your use of accessible tools for those of us that cannot or will not purchase high priced tools.

    When I start obsessing on a new and expensive tool that the internet has convinced me I need, I mentally refer to you. “If Paul Sellers doesn’t need a $300 saw or handplane or fancy workbench, then why would I, a beginning woodworker.”

    I think I’ve posted this before, but you really are an inspiration. I bought your recent book (which I use as a reference manual) and I just told my wife today that I want to go to England for a week at your woodworking school. She just rolled her eyes (we are in America), but I think she understands how much I have enjoyed this whole process of woodworking over the last year or so.

    I also have my two young sons (5&7) out there with me. The have their own little set of tools (spoke shave, coping saw and four in hand rasp) and we try to build boats and spatulas. It’s funny to watch my 5 year old at the workbench beside me “making his chisel shiny”. I owe some of this to you. Thank you.

    Seth Terndrup

  6. Paul, I noticed a glimpse od your bar clamps being filled with wooden inserts.
    Please illuminate on the topic.


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