Open House Update Soars!

After about two years of planning and building and then six months of internal construction and organising, the day came to open the doors to guests, visitors who love woodworking as much as we do. It can be quite a drain getting this point, builders never quite seem to match their presentation but you put up with it and accept the disruption even when most of it is so unnecessary. Yesterday though, it was uniquely special  for me, like inviting special friends over for dinner to celebrate a successful happening. We ate cake, drank coffee and tea and talked about all manner of things related to woodworking and the work they do.

Joseph opened everything up by way of introducing the work we’ve done from the beginning to date. For me it of course began when he was born, picked up his first spokeshave and began a journey alongside me. His management has been something to watch. It was when each crew member started to share their aspect of the work that I realised they each had taken possession of their own area uniquely adding their voice to the whole. It was like watching them take wings as they introduced what they did to make the videos, keep up with support, make non workable things workable. It was as if suddenly they took wings and were soaring. Then we all did something completely unexpected to our audience, we filmed a short video of setting up a plough plane so that they could see how Phil, Ellie and I actually made the videos. It was as  simple as it gets but I thought that it was interesting all the way through yet not too long to lose interest. After that we had Q&As for the videographers and then Q&As for me. Both interesting  segments for us, seeing just what the questions people had were.

Hannah got to show her new tool chest and visit with other woodworkers to explain her journey to date. Then there was family too, parents, partners, spouses, aunts, uncles, grandkids, siblings and such who came to see how we had all progressed and what we all ‘really do for a living. As I am typing this I’m looking at my tomatoes growing in a simple nurturing frame and remembering how the tiny plants 2″ tall were placed there only a few short weeks ago. They are flowering and have tomatoes ripening inside. It was just a question of the right soil, the right warmth, the right moisture levels and then the right amount of protection  and encouragement until they could stand alone amongst their like. You see I like the kind of sport where winning is to see people not so much contending against one another but with and alongside one another. That’s my kind of sport. Providing an environment for growth is only the beginning. We are all growing, have all grown and now we are flying! Don’t you just love it!!!


  1. I am gutted I didn’t even know this event was happening , I’m glad everyone had a good day , I should make more time to visit the WWMC forums , congratulations on all your hard work and dedication to teaching the correct way to do things

    1. Don’t feel too bad Eddy. It is difficult to keep-up and to tie it all in together.
      Some events (Plane & Router prize-draws) are for YouTube audiences only, not for fee-paying subscribers. You have to continually check;
      Paul’s Site
      Paul’s Blog
      WWMC Forums
      Twitch and
      your email inbox

  2. Thanks for sharing this. Any chance video was taken for the various talks the team members gave about their part? I would love to hear what they have to say.

  3. It was a great day and fantastic to see an inspired and inspiring team. Thank you so much for hosting us. It will be fascinating to see how the new building and set develops. It was interesting and helpful to see some of Paul’s work up close, that I’ve only seen before on screen. I’m now looking forward to the next set of projects, despite having quite a few to catch up on!

    Again thank you.

  4. Would be great to see Hannah’s finished tool box, outfitted and ready for action.

  5. What a great afternoon spent at the open day. Wonderful to meet Paul and the fantastic team.

  6. I remember when I started in the mill and how it was hard to learn from the older craftsmen. They held there hard learned information closely. I would ask them why they where so reluctant to help in this matter. They would always say job security.
    Thanks Paul for sharing your knowledge with all.

    1. I find the struggle these days is finding the right information in an illusive age where pluralism presents mass mis-information alongside fact when the one stands in truths stead and we no longer have the linkage to determine just what truth is. Entertainment seems almost as important to people as fact whether the information entertainers bring to the table be true fact or fabrication supporting sponsors.

  7. I’m so happy for you Paul, it’s always great to see any person’s dream become reality but since I first ran across your youtube videos several years back I have felt a kindred connection with you when it comes to hand tool woodworking. I would never consider myself of your skill or experience but we have shared a similar life journey, mine being of being born into a family that immigrated to the U.S. from England in 1859 bringing with them their family skill of woodworking that had provided the primary family income source until me. I learned my skills as a youth growing up with my Grandfather and Father in the family workshop where crafting everything imaginable made from wood for the needs of our family or friends homes was created. After I graduated from high school I served a 20 plus year career in the military and when I retired I joined the fire service and currently have served for twenty-two years. I did take with me into the world the woodworking skills my family taught me and over my life woodworking has been my solace, my stress relief, and my anchor in life’s storms with ” wood therapy” as I refer to it. I have had a workshop of every size space, to include a closet, wherever I’ve lived to include military tours in England, Germany, and Norway. Woodworking became my greetings card to co-workers and neighbors. Woodworking has given me the opportunity to meet some amazing people who have had the same love of woodworking from whom I have learned much which, like I have heard you say too, I am still learning every day. Woodworking eventually lead to my discovery of your youtube videos which was a type of homecoming for me more than anything else. I remember thinking “Finally someone that understands woodworking is a skill, not a mystery”. Soon I will retire from the fire service and I will live out the rest of my life with the smell of wood while making wood chips, shavings, and sawdust. Again thank you for your sharing and congrats on your new workshop, studio and most of all a fulfillment of your goals. I only wish to someday come and visit.

  8. Yes a great day was had the tea and cake were a treat, the team talk was most
    informative, a special thanks to Hannah
    for her history of all her tools and
    tool box most enjoyable.

  9. Wow. Congratulations! And now I’ve got a big request. I saw your tomato cage and (being a gardener and woodworker) am hoping you could do a YouTube video on building the cage? I’ve got voracious squirrels and need something that big and sturdy to keep them out. Could you possibly do one?


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