New Year 2022

The year 2021 left many of us with sad losses in many realms and on every continent, yet the people continued on and were driven by hope throughout for a future yet to unfold. I hope with sincerity that we can continue to support one another as we have through the two pandemic years so far. It may seem a somewhat muted start to 2022, but start it will and we will continue to battle for what we all believe in within the limitations of our habitation to reach forward and grasp what the future holds for us.

Fireworks over Big Ben at midnight, New Year’s Eve.

I am more grateful than ever for the support and care within my own limited sphere and then beyond as my hands worked at the workbench day in and day out. I am thankful for my health, yes, but more than that, I am thankful for my work as I make and write and design. Looking back through my life since I apprenticed at fifteen I began reading the manuscript of my life story as a crafting artisan furniture maker. I have had 57 years as a full-time maker using hand tools to make a living and I have not one regret for the choice I made when I was fourteen and preparing to leave school. I’m grateful that we reach multiple millions of woodworkers every year seeking to master skilled woodworking. As that boy, apprenticing with George, I never imagined such a wonderful life making could ever be possible for me. How can I not enter 2022 with hope and thanksgiving for all that I have been given?

I do sincerely hope that we can all set aside our struggles and anxieties and celebrate the foundations of life given to us to continue building a future no matter what. Please join me in new hope for the coming year; that we can support each other, love one another, and find the peace that passes all understanding.

Thank you all for all of your support and friendship throughout 2021!

Peace to you all!


  1. Happy New Year Paul and family! I look forward to your teachings and writings through 2022 with renewed enthusiasm.

  2. Happy new year to the whole woodworking masterclasses team and thank you for your teachings throughout a very difficult time,

  3. Happy New Year to yourself Paul and your family, as well as all the people who work behind the cameras and in the office that know one ever see’s. Lets hope that it will be a happier year then the last two we’ve had.

  4. Ment to add this on as well, Happy New Year to all those who are signed up to Woodworking Masterclasses and to their families.

  5. Ment to add this on as well, A Happier New Year to all those follow Woodworking Masterclasses and their families.

  6. Whatever this new year brings, we will have to make the best of it, and it will be all the better for your videos and blogs. Many thanks for all you do to share your knowledge and experience.

    (And a Happy New Year to you, too, of course!)

  7. “Mercy and Truth have met together;
    Righteousness and Peace have kissed each other.”
    Ps. 85:10

  8. Happy New Year to you Paul and to all the staff that help you share your wisdom!
    Salem, New Hampshire

  9. May weall have a blessed New Year working with wood as our Savior did

  10. This pandemic should teach us to appreciate all those things that we often take for granted. Take a look around us at what gifts they have given us. The sea, the sky, our freedom, the people we love. Life is a such a wonderful thing. Just live it. Best wishes for a peaceful 2022!

  11. Hello Paul: Here in Arizona it is10:57 am
    I seldom write to anyone, but you are a different person. I grew up with carpenters in my background. I really like your programme . I’ve been doing wood work for many years now, not as an occupation, but more as a need to make things I can’t buy. I’m 84 years young now, and still going strong. I use many of your designs for jigs and such. I wish you a happy new year, and years of more of showing us how to. thanks Paul
    Frank Graves

  12. I’m sure that the big number of real woodworking apprentices that follow your work will be here with you and your team in 2022 and for many years to come. Happy new year, Paul. Happy new year to your famiky and team. And happy new year to everybody round here. Best wishes for you all.

  13. Happy new year Paul and family! Thanks again for all your help and enthusiasm. I look forward to a great year and I’m glad to be part of your life work. Your friend in the USA. Bob Lenart

  14. Happy New Year to you Paul, your family and all at Woodworking Masterclasses.
    I’m looking forward to seeing what new projects you have in store for us in the year ahead.
    Best wishes,

  15. A very happy new year to you, Paul, as well as your family and talented team of creative people. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for 2022 being something of a return to normality.

    Happy new year to all in these comments.

  16. Very Happy New Year from Ohio, USA. Wishing you, your family and all the staff working behind the seans a healthy, prosporous, joyfull year filled with much laughter. Thanks for your willingness to teach in a special way. Maybe this year you can write a book about George and his wisdom. Love reading your posts when you include little stories about him.
    Jim Light

  17. Paul , I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to have wet you even if it has been online. In my 78 years I have only had the chance to meet a handful of people that have taught me so much, and that is not only a skill but of life so thank very much and I hope that you continue to teach us for many more years. I am still learning and hope to continue for more time .Hope that the coming years the Creator continue to bless us and I feel thankful for that I have received through out my life and also hope that others also see the great gifts we have received in our life times.

    Again thank you so much

    Carlos Alvarado

  18. Paul, you have been a gift to me, in and out of my wood shop. May you and those whom you love have a healthy, happy and productive 2022.
    Steve Harper (firstfiddle)

  19. Paul

    Best wishes to you and the entire team for a New Year of healthy, happiness and peace.

    NY, NY

  20. Yes, Happy New Year Paul and to your family and team also. I look forward to your teachings and thoughts. I have never had sharper chisels or saws! Thank you.

  21. Dear Paul, I am surprised at no thanks to your family, who have supported and followed you as you dragged them across the ocean twice, single-mindedly pursuing your dream amid financial instability. You speak much of pursuing a lifestyle that is personally fulfilling, working all day every day, and spending your off time in creative thought. Who raised your children and took care of your home, who took care of everyday family chores and left you free to do what you want? What dreams did they sacrifice for yours? In some ways you are a true revolutionary, and you have my heartfelt thanks for your excellent teaching, but in other ways so typically obtuse, seemingly content to live in a men’s club and not think much about women, children, people of color, or disabled people.

    1. Some aspects of my life are public and some remain private — my family, support of those with diverse needs, such like that. Your clear accusations are unfounded and arrogant. I see no value or truth in anything you have said, Mr Wright.

    2. Happy new year Mr. Wright and thank you for reminding me how much that call out culture is rubbish!

  22. Happy new year Paul and all of the team. You accomplished a lot last year and I am looking forward to seeing your progress and joining in with some of it for this year – I can’t keep up with your work rate but I’ve just got a bandsaw so will be able to do a bit more now.

  23. I wish you a very happy new year from Spain.
    I’d like to thank you for sharing all your wisdom and your experience. For your positive actitude and for transmitting calm in these tense, turbulent and difficult times.
    I really enjoy watching your videos and learning from you. It’s really a pleasure.
    Best wishes,

  24. Have a Happy New Year Paul,, and thank you for all your help in 2021 and I look forward to all at 2022.

  25. What business is it of his, what’s your private life is yours. I think the comments are uncalled for and spiteful and for him to get on with his life.

  26. Master Paul:

    I wasn’t going to comment, but Mr. Wright raised my ire. First, and foremost, your family should stay private, if you wish. Many keep their families private, but some do not. That’s each individual’s choice! I have Never sensed or heard anything derogatory from anything you’ve done or said. The few references I recall were supportive.

    Now onto something that really matters! Thank you for all that you and your staff do to teach us Neanderthals. Happy New Year to all. It was a wonderful picture of the fireworks you included!

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