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As the country reflects on the life of our dear and loving Queen Elizabeth II, as we see her life as a child and as our Queen unfolded in film and video, it gives us immense comfort in knowing the respect from the whole world has rippled in constant waves of support and love from every corner of the world.

No matter anyone’s faith or following, there is a sense when a human life ends that it is the folding of a tent that closes the lived life with a short silence and a gentle parting. There is a biblical reference that describes the dissolving of life thus: For we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. (English Standard Version) Over the past 48 hours, I have felt both an emotional and physical collapse of an era and a rising of newness. I have felt deep sadness upon sadness and then too happiness in thoughts of my Queen Elizabeth. Grieving for anyone losing a loved one, a close friend and even a Queen of such distinction in impossible situations, inevitably brings with it a period of grieving, which seems so hard to bear but it is that unique period when healing issues forth to take its course in our humanity. At this time we gently and gradually rise again and renew our commitment to better the lives of those we know and will come to know. Queen Elizabeth did this in the passing of Prince Philip last year. She showed us her dignified grief in her loss of her closest and lifelong companion but came back to her people to show us that grieving is a process through which we reach forward to a new generation. Her Jubilee celebrations drew the whole of `Britain together and once again we witnessed the ripples of her life reach around the globe.

There can be no doubt that our new King Charles III will take his place as the new Monarch. His speech last night had all the dignity and grace of his mother. The people of Britain will deliver support when integrity is present and obviated by action. This can only be measured by a lived life reaching day by day into the future. Knowing how the Queen invested in the lives of people her life touched, the royal family will take a new direction under his leading. It is his time to stand as steadfast and resolute as his mother, the woman and Queen who never failed us. Situations arise for all of us to fill a place no other can fill in the moment. As a father, I know this and all the more as I grow older. Often, we as parents, as sisters, as brothers, as friends must deny ourselves for the betterment of others. When we do, there is always an amazing outcome though we may not see it at the time or indeed ever see it.

The King’s speech last night was filled with grace and love for everyone but especially his mother, Queen Elizabeth. It was one those most remarkable speeches you never forget because emotion of the heart was so evident in all of its power. This will be my last post of this nature, my dear woodworking friends. I will renew myself with thoughts of woodworking into the future once more., but for now! Long live the King! Long live the King of Kings!


  1. King Charles III gave an intense and moving speech proving that he is a beautiful person. He will be an excellent King.

  2. A beautiful and very moving tribute to the Queen. Thank you Paul. Amen to all you shared. “Long live the King of Kings.”

  3. Well said Paul. I’m not a royalist by any means, but she was a truly wonderful woman, the likes of which we will probably not see again. I share your grief.

    Kind regards

  4. Thank you for sharing from your heart, and revealing, if only briefly, an inner part of yourself! For essentially ALL of us, you have become a close friend, a very close one. Having never met you, we feel you are a mate, a brother perhaps, certainly someone we know well. It truly means a lot to me that you revealed a bit of your faith, reflecting on and honoring the King of Kings so many of us adore as the single most important aspect of our lives! I sincerely hope you will do it again—we love to know you.

    1. John, I could not have written my feelings any better. Paul feels like a great friend to me and like a brother too. There haven’t been many world leaders like the Queen. All blessings to the new King. All blessings and honor to the King of Kings. Richard

  5. Hi Paul,
    I always suspected that you know the King of Kings personally. Her Majesty is no doubt rejoicing in His presence. Thank you for this tribute to her and her successor.

    Every blessing,


  6. I am 72yrs old and she is the ONLY monarch I have had. Such a graceful, sweet lady all in all. Certainly a shining example to Charles and the rest of the family. Here in Canada the great lady will be truly missed

  7. I suspect we will be surprised at how good a King he’ll be. And an added bonus – he is a strong supporter of traditional crafts.

  8. I don’t think this is going to convey what I mean but here goes. A caveat, as an American I cannot pretend to understand the Brits relationship with the Queen, but I can comment on what she meant to me.
    Bear with me….
    Based on Paul’s teaching, Woodworking skills exist at many levels, from pragmatic to artistic even philosophical. That said, I think you can fairly say that at its most basic, woodworking represents an approach to shaping wood into objects that will last. A set of tried and true rules that work. Some of these are simple (Go with the grain), and some are philosophical (listen to how the wood and tool work together).

    For me, the Queen provided a role model for using rules to get through life. I may not have agreed every time, but it is clear that the rules and customs that define proper behavior in a royal setting could be compared to the rules we use when addressing wood.

    Admittedly a stretch, but the Queen always provided a solid spot of ground that defines proper behavior, something I find very comforting in today’s US politics.

  9. When the US was attacked (Sep, 11, 2001), your Queen broke with tradition to OPENLY support an ally at Buckingham Palace with the playing of “The Star Spangled Banner” (Sep, 13, 2001). The message was received around the world loudly, clearly and without ambiguity.

    True class recognises no georaphic boundaries.

    US patriots surely stand similarly in support of our friends during this saddest hour.

  10. I grew up in Australia in the 1960s and 70s. I remember pledging allegiance to the Queen at assembly. every morning Each classroom had a picture of the Queen above the blackboard. 50 years later I live in Edinburgh in the UK – not a monarchist but with a deep respect for the Queen and King Charles based on their actions and words. The sense of loss of constancy and steadfastness I initially had at her passing has been lessened by King Charles’ wonderful speech. I think he’ll be a great King. I hope to pay my respects to the Queen in Edinburgh tomorrow.

  11. Dear Paul,
    I am 75 years old and yes she was the only Queen I knew in Canada. As a believer I to believe with your biblical quote and also the comment that you made that noone can replace our unique position in our world. It is only for us to fill that place that noone else can fill. Its unique. Our earth is not really our home as believers and the King of Kings knows our true place is with Him.
    God Bless

  12. In so many parts of the world, she was the only UK monarch we have ever known. The majority of us will never see her like again. As an American, and a long ago descendent of the UK I can say that it was just understood that there was to be respect for the Queen, the UK Government, and its Prime Minster due to our stretched and strained but ultimately unbroken ties to Great Britain.

    I am grateful that you shared your feelings with us and as the several, prescribed events that have seldom been witnessed by many of us unfold over the coming days and months I will be watching with great interest in the traditions that have endured for many decades.

  13. We prayed in church for your Queen, your new King, your Nation and your People this morning.
    Doug Irish, Senior Warden
    Christ Church Anglican, Phoenix, Arizona
    Anglican Church of North America

  14. Wonderful tribute to your royal family Paul. Our best regards to you and your countrymen during this transition.
    Your friends in Kansas, USA.
    Rod Riffel

  15. You are lucky to be a monarchy and to have such awsome rulers! In relationship to themselves, their main interest seems to be dignity. I understand from the post and the comments that the Queen was an inspiration and a model for value and virtue. This is quite wonderful!

    I live in a republic. The main interest is power, not dignity. Sometimes it is wealth. The last president had no virtue whatsoever. Now we have a new one. Nobody knows him. He cannot be an example to no one.

  16. As a citizen of the United States I want to express my condolences to you and the rest of the United Kingdom. I very much respected and admired the Queen even though she wasn’t my sovereign. She was exceptional.

  17. And, like just about every report I’ve heard, the sentiments here are the same the world over – monarchist/royalist or not.

    What a wonderful life of service she lead, and what a sad loss for not only GB, the Commonwealth, but the world.

  18. One of my earliest memories is her coronation. I was 3 1/2, sitting on the floor in front of my aunt’s 7 inch B/W console TV, and have a vivid memory of the crown being placed on her head.

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