The Queen’s Passing

At the Jubillee just a few short months ago when the nation and the nations of the world expressed such deep affection for the Queen.

I woke with a sad heart this morning. The news respects her love for her country and her people by reporting on our saddest of losses and of an irreplaceable monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. For seven decades she faithfully served the people of Great Britain and in the face of all adversity kept the Royal family alive in the eyes of her people and indeed the people around the world.

This young woman expressed herself so fully and gave the most remarkable account of her love and respect for the Queen, what life with her meant and what life will be without her. It was just lovely! Thank you!

It has not taken long to see just who the people of Britain are as the news came and the people rallied around to express their grief and sadness throughout the country. Already many people from every age and background have commented on what the Queen meant to them. Presidents, Prime Ministers, heads of state and more have been impacted by her life of care and kindness. People on the streets of Britain saw her from the early days as little more than a young woman just out of her teens taking the throne and all the responsibilities that came with it and go on to reign unwavering as sovereign leader always involved with the life of the world.

Our wonderful Queen, so engaging, so loving, so kind.


  1. So sad to see the usual suspects being predictably unpleasant on “social media”. I don’t object to the republican opinions; people are entitled to their views about the monarchy, it’s the bad manners I dislike.
    Bad manners are always inappropriate.
    The nation and all decent people have lost an irreplaceable leader. It’s been said that Her Majesty was the anchor of the nation but actually it was the example that she set us. An example of loyalty, decency, tolerance and devotion to duty that never wavered even for an instant. This was the anchor of all decent free peoples and will remain as her legacy to us.
    We should give thanks for her Service.
    God rest Her Majesty.
    God save the King.

    1. An amazing woman for sure, she had a front seat to history!
      She was queen for 1/3 of our country’s existence. (USA)
      Flags are at half mast in our country to honor her memory.

    2. I as an American am not sure what is meant by “republicans”. Here in the States conservatives are mostly Republicans. I can assure you that we too are in mourning over this great loss to the world. The queen in our eyes always stood for decency and maintained a sense of order in a world being divided. God rest the Queen and may God help King Charles continue to lead as she did.

      1. Think “republicans’ in this case was not a political reference, but meaning those that live in a republic.

  2. As a Canadian, I ought to add that Queen Elizabeth also served the Commonwealth with great honour and devotion. This is particularly the case with respect to the fourteen nations, including Canada, of which she was head of state and queen. I am both saddened and grateful today.

  3. Here in the USA, our flags were ordered to half-staff out of respect for the Queen’s passing. I lowered mine recalling that Queen Elizabeth took the throne the year I was born. I can only imagine what the Britons are feeling at this time—we here in the USA morn with you all.
    The Queen is with the Lord – Long live the King!

  4. So sad for our mutual loss of a great, wonderful and magnificent monarch and Lady. I pray all Grace and Peace for Her, for you and your family, Paul, and your Country. Her influence and steadfastness will be missed in this world but the Love, Devotion and Care She exhibited will remain always.
    Thank you, Elizabeth, for your loving care for all these years and for the Life you lived, shared and gave to us all. Thank you, Paul, for this remembrance of Her.

  5. We give thanks to God for her life of dignity and steadfast service. She was the very best of Great Britain.
    God Save the King, Charles III.
    Donald Robert Lewis
    Ashevllle NC

  6. Her Majesty was the very finest human being and cared deeply for not only her people in the UK and the Commonwealth, but for people all over the world. Her contribution to world affairs, subtle but sure and steadfast, will be long remembered. We thank her for her tireless dedication. My she rest in peace.

  7. A very sad day for the family and everyone. The Queen has just always been there . What a great woman, who had the ability to bring us all together .
    I’m sure King Charles will also have the qualities to deal with this office in his unique way .

  8. Here in Australia, today, in a singular display of tasteless mediocrity we hear the same tosh we heard when I was a schoolboy on the ABC concerning a referendum for a republic- upon the very day of our sovereign’s falling asleep in death! We voted against it then, and we will again if we have to. She was our Queen, we loved her, admired her, looked upon her with gratitude and reverence, and for some of us, we prayed for her at every church service. Our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second was a kind, upright, and dare I say, godly, woman. She will be much missed, and just as loved in death as in life. Today was a grey, and unpleasant day in Sydney. Somehow the greyness and storms seemed to sum up our collective sense of grief and bereavement and sense of personal loss. Somehow the world seems a more troubled place without leaders with if her calibre. May her memory be eternal. God save the King.

    1. I agree with the words of my fellow countryman. Queen Elizabeth was the only monarch I knew. I stood at attention every time the national anthem was played when I was in my school years. Not so today by the younger generations. They have forgotten about the Union Jack in our flag and our heritage. A light has gone out in my memories. May she rest in Peace.

  9. “…
    Eternal rest grant unto them oh Lord,
    and May perpetual light shine upon her,…

    Honi soit qui mal y pense!

    Duty done your Majesty.
    Order arms!

    Former Horse Guard (Canadian)
    “I swear To bear true allegiance, to Queen Elizabeth the second, her heirs and successors according to law, so help me God.”
    Parade rest.
    Pax Vobiscum.

    Jeff Edwards

  10. Her Majesty, the Queen is resting in our Heavenly Father’s mighty arms!
    Long live the King!
    God’s Blessings
    Robert Burchard

  11. Queen Elizabeth II did what she said she would do 70 years ago. In al the intervening years she did it with grace and dignity in a world and time which less and less respects those qualities. The world will miss Queen Elizabeth II!

    1. Didn’t she ever! She promised to live a life of service and she did just that, and then some!

      And I loved the way she ‘attached’ herself (for want of a better word) to the common people – they were the real target of her service. Not the rich, elite or powerful. No wonder she was loved around the world.

      May God rest her soul.
      Long live the King!

  12. From a young women to her death she served with dignity, style and commitment to her responsibility.

  13. God bless Elizabeth, may her son follow her in her almighty footsteps. God save the King.

  14. A sad day for the whole world regardless of your nationality, political or religious beliefs. Queen Elisabeth was known as the Queen of England by most of the world’s population alive today. Let that sink in for a minute.
    Only those over 80 years old have known the reign of any other British monarch. A remarkable feat for any leader and to do so with such grace and respect regardless of the turmoil around them. RIP

    1. Not to argue but I think you probably meant to say that she was known simply as “The Queen” by most of the world’s population. Even more profound, I’d say.

  15. This lady will be missed, her kindness and generosity are exemplary. Her dignity and treatment of others were unmatched, she was a beacon of light.

  16. I can’t add much to the expressions of grief, gratitude ,admiration and love that have been flowing out since the sad news. In 1975 I proudly swore an oath to serve the Queen my Soverigne when I entered the Australian Army.
    I was very pleased to see the Paddington bear clips with the Queen being played as they wonderfully show another lighter side of the Queen

  17. My sympathy goes to you and all of your Country’s citizens for the loss of your beloved Queen. I remember watching her coronation on a small, black and white TV ( a big first) when I was but 10 years old and living here in the United States. I have followed her reign over the last 70 years while a USA citizen, and I have always admired her for the dedication she had to her job and to her Country, her ever present refined dignity and her neutrality in many things that might have given a lesser person cause to take sides. Having watched several television documentaries recently on her tenure as Queen, gave me an even deeper understanding of the Royal Family.
    Kindest regards,
    Michael O’Brien

  18. I saw the queen in 1959 when she visited Chicago. I was young tyke of 9 but still remember her motorcade going by and her waving through the window. It made an impression on me and that was 63 years ago!

  19. I have lived in two Commonwealth countries and have dual citizen ship.The Queen was always held in high esteem by most folk in Bermuda and Australia.My mother was a great fan of the monarchy and revered the Queen It is the passing of a great era and a great monarch.She will be sadly missed by many across the world God save the King

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