A Hands-on Class

John Winter teaching his 1 day class in November

I know this is short notice but I thought that anyone not too far away would enjoy this introduction to woodworking. Following the success of John (my former apprentice)’s first hands-on workshop in November, we found a slot for him to teach a second one on Friday the 13th of January 2023. John is using my curriculum as a basis to teach his class. I developed this workshop 30 years ago when I too began to teach those interested in hand-tool methods of working wood. I wrote and developed my own curriculum in light of the fact that none existed with the substance and depth it needed to pass on the skills from a craftsman’s perspective. Many thousands have passed through this introduction to lay a firm foundation, start out knowing what sharp is and what tools did what, how to sharpen and set them up and then which joints are essential to those working with hand tools alone. I believe that this one-day workshop is essential for those starting out or indeed who work wood but have never actually worked with hand tools.

The class is now full! If you would like to hear about future classes fill in the form on this page.

It’s a small and compact class of five, sign up as soon as possible to ensure you establish your bench space. It might just be the best shop tool you ever buy.


  1. When John is ready he would be welcome on the other side of the Atlantic! One of our most beloved woodworking teachers is closing his school in August.

    1. When started wood shop in highschool I could name almost every tool our instructor would ask , what’s this called . My dad is 85 years old carpenter by, and still teaches me some new trick every once in awhile .

  2. What an awesome opportunity. This would be something I’d be willing to travel for but would need more notice. If this is something that might become available again it would be great to know a month in advance so travel arrangements could be made. I’m sure you will have no problem filling the class but this American woodworker/maker would love the chance to learn and develop his hand tool skills.

  3. Happy Birthday, dearest Sir!
    Lovely opportunity, many thanks for it, but indeed on a quite short notice.
    Anyway, I am pretty sure that it will be another accomplishment both for your team and your endeavours as well as for the lucky five to be there.


  4. I would love to attend some of your workshops but as I live in St. Paul, MN it is diffcult. Are you planning any workshop courses in The US this year or could you suggest any one who you would recomend as a teacher here in the US hopefully close to Minnesota. I truly would appreciate it.

    Sincerely, Carlos Alvarado

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