Happy Birthday, Paul!

As is tradition at this point, we’ve hijacked Paul’s blog today to wish him a very happy birthday! Do send your best wishes to Paul in the comments! We look forward to another year of making, teaching and ruminating on the art and craft of woodworking.

As good as he is at woodworking, Paul also excels at putting you at ease and raising a smile!

Happy Birthday, Paul! You are one in a million!

–Team Paul


  1. Happy birthday, Paul! May your worse day of 2023 be better than your best day of 2022!

    Have a great 2023!


  2. Happy Birthday, Paul, and congratulations on the successful completion of another circumambulation around the sun! Best wishes for another year of beginnings, completions, exploration, learning and sharing. And thanks for sharing those with us!

  3. Happy birthday Paul !

    Hope you get to enjoy life for many more years to come….

    1. Paul.
      Happy Birthday. May your heart and mind remain in your hands showing us your wonderful work. Thankyou for allowing us into your amazing world. All the best.

    1. Happy happy birthday Paul.
      Thanks for resurrecting hand tool woodworking for the rest of us.
      And the ancient brotherhood of woodworkers continues as we work in private obscurity and love it

  4. Happy Birthday Paul,
    I can’t thank you enough for starting your “Online Journey”. I would have never learned this much.

    1. Happy Birthday Paul. Wishing you the very best for the years to come. Many thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all.

      Gary P

  5. Happy birthday, Paul!
    I got your book for Christmas and am learning new things even after watching your videos for years! Hope that the new year brings you lots of joy and fulfillment.

  6. All the best for your birthday Paul. You look good in body and mind, what more could a man ask for. Keep up your fantastic teaching, views and directions in all the types of hand crafted woodworking that you do so very well. Looking forward to the coming year.

  7. Happy Birthday Paul! And to my Mother-in-Law! Thankfully that makes it that much harder to forget either. Have a wonderful 2023!

  8. Isn’t getting older exciting Mr Paul! I know I sure enjoy it, but then again I get to learn from you! Happy birthday from rainy NC

  9. Happy Birthday Paul and thank you for all you have taught me over the years. Here’s hoping for many many more.

  10. Dear Paul,
    I wish that your next year prove as good, as fulfilling, and blessed as the year that have passed. For your good health and plenty of laughter I rise my glass (actually cup of coffee, this being Monday)!
    Best wishes from Norway,

  11. Very, very happy birthday, Paul! Best wishes for this day, this year and many years to come!

  12. Happy Birthday Paul !!
    Thanks for all the knowledge you so willingly pass on.

  13. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming year Paul. May you continue to have happy birthdays for many years to come.

  14. Happy Birthday Sir!! I hope your day was as unique and special as it should be.

  15. Happy birthday Paul! Greetings from Portland OR.

    My you have many more birthdays doing what you love doing.

    1. Happy birthday Paul thanks for everything you have done and continue to do for hand woodworking. Showing us all we don’t need 30 grands worth of machinery to make wonderful things

  16. Happy birthday Paul, thanks for sharing your knowledge and time. Best wishes from Staffordshire.

  17. Happy Birthday Paul.
    Looking forward to enjoying another year of your great videos.
    May 2023 be your best year ever.

  18. Happy Birthday, Paul. Congratulations for another lap around the sun. Wishing you many more.

  19. Happy Birthday young man. Best wishes from Cicinnati Ohio, Thanks for your great lessons they are invaluable

  20. Happy birthday Paul and thank you for all you do. And a huge thanks for being so inclusive in your teachings. I, like you support a family on a single income and if i hadn’t found your videos i probably would’ve thought woodworking was financially out of reach. You show that a couple hundred dollars can get you a really good start where other content makers are selling single tools for more than that. I would bet there are a lot of people like me that now feel included because of you. That’s hugely commendable and i hope you take great pride in that, especially in this time of divide.

  21. Happy Birthday Paul!
    Thanks for everything you do and
    all the very best of the day from Arizona

  22. Happy birthday Paul, from Goshen, Ohio USA.
    Wishing you nothing but joy, good health and happiness in the coming year as you continue to share your skills, talents and knowledge with thousands of us around the world. I so appreciate what you do and how you teach by sharing. Happy Birthday again and have a blessed day.
    Jim Light

  23. Happy Birthday, Paul. From the middle of New York state. I have learned many good things from you

  24. Love your efforts in all you do. You inspire me. Happy birthday from a fellow Texan!

  25. Paul,
    I wish you a very Happy Birthday, I do hope it is filled with family and love and rest. I too have worked wood all of my life although not in the same fashion as you. I appreciate your teaching and sharing with the world what is possible.
    John G.

  26. Happy Birthday Paul. Your creativity and skill is an inspiration to many others.

  27. Happy Birthday Paul!
    Hope to bump into you around town sometime and maybe buy you a coffee.

  28. Happy Birthday Paul; have a wonderful and joyous day celebrating your birthday with your family and friends.
    Best wishes,
    Craig French

  29. Happy birthday Paul, from sunny (haha) Glasgow. I hope life is giving you gifts somewhere approaching what you have given us.
    I’m no carpenter. Never will be, but I’m a respectable woodbutcher! And thanks to you I’ve discovered my forte of toolmaking. What a joy that is.
    Best wishes and take care.

  30. Happy Birthday Paul, it has been a true privilege being apart of your journey, all the best on your birthday and everyday, you are truly an inspiration in your teaching.

  31. Happy birthday Paul. I used to not celebrate birthdays but as continued to accumulate them, I found I should. It is the one day when others can celebrate what a blessing you have been to them (and they to you). By not celebrating, I was denying the pleasure of reflecting on friendship and love. Based upon your blog, I know you already know this. Tim

  32. Happy Birthday, Paul!

    You are keeping all of us young!

    Best Wishes from Amherst, New Hampshire, USA

  33. Happy Birthday I hope you have a great day and ice cream. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills, you sir are a great gift to us all.

  34. Happy Birthday Paul, without your teachings I would still believe that my Stanley chisel was rubbish. After you taught me how to sharpen properly, its clear that the problem was not the chisel as it now takes a god edge. Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

  35. Good morning Paul,

    Thank you very much for unselfishly sharing your life time of woodworking knowledge and experience with the likes of me!
    Happy birthday to you and may God bless you abundantly!


  36. Happy birthday Mr. Sellers, thank you for teaching fine woodworking and making it accessible for learners around the world.

    Greetings from Finland.

  37. Thank you for another year of help and advice.
    May your reward be the happiest of birthdays.

  38. Happy Birthday Paul and many more . 7 years ago I couldn’t put an apple box together , now I’m doing gothic wall paneling for my house .

  39. wishing you a very happy birthday Paul and just like so many others, a massive thank you for all that you do.

  40. Happy birthday Paul, all the best in the coming years. Thank you for sharing your talents!

  41. You’ve shared your passion for life — not just woodworking — with the world in a beautiful way. I wonder how many people can say they’ve positively affected (maybe even changed) the lives of tens of thousands of people as you have? Happy Birthday Paul, and thank you!

  42. Hope and trust you have a very happy birthday Paul. I look forward to you having many more, and we can keep learning from you for a long time to come. All the very best from Australia.

  43. I want to add my name to the world wide chorus of grateful hand woodworkers: “happy birthday” Paul Sellers.

  44. Happy birthday Paul. Thank you for all you teach us. May the new year be a good one for you.

  45. Happy Birthday Paul!
    Thank you for all the instruction. Most importantly, thank you for the inspiration and motivation that you provide your world wide community!
    Many happy returns!

  46. Happy Birthday Paul!
    From a late bloomer woodworker in Utah, USA. Your instruction is inspiring.
    Thank you.

  47. Happy Birthday, Paul! May you have many more.
    Thank you for teaching us on the proper care and use of hand planes. You have given me the courage that I never had before to set-up and use my plane. Since I am only a couple of years younger than you, I guess one can always learn something new no matter what age they are.
    All the best.

  48. Happy birthday Mr. Sellers, I admire your work and your vision. I don’t know if it is your case but considering how do you master your craft and transmit your knowledge, it looks as though you are one of those who wanted to learn along their life as much as possible to teach others, and it is clear that you have accomplished that goal, and I’m grateful for that. Congratulations for it and for one more birthday.

  49. Happy Birthday to a great teacher. You’ve taught this old dog some new tricks. Keep up the good work!

  50. All the best Paul, hope you have many more the bed looks great. I made my owen a long long time ago and it’s still going strong, in fact three people have put thier name on it. It’s only made of softwood, but considering I made it on two dust bins I think I did a good job of it.
    Again all the best Paul.

  51. God bless you Paul Sellers. You continue to inspire people to use hand tools, be safe and make things. Happy Birthday!

  52. Paul, I wish you a very happy birthday and my very best wishes for the year ahead. Thank you for your advice and help so freely given to develop the skills and the enjoyment of working with hand tools in woodworking. It has given me a very happy and fascinating retirement.

    Best regards

    John S

  53. happy birthday Paul.
    every little thing you teach makes a big diffrence in the world.

  54. Happy Birthday Paul!!! It’s been humbling and a pleasure being one of your online apprentices!

  55. Happy Birthday Paul and many more to come!
    Thank you for all the encouragement and guidance.

  56. Happy Happy Birthday Paul! Thank you for all you do for us! Enjoy the day with your family.

  57. Happy Birthday Paul.
    It is you who is the gift to all of us who follow your Handtool woodworking methods and your bountiful knowledge that you so generously share. .
    Thank you and may your special day be a joyous one.

  58. Happy Birthday Paul –
    I wish that I had known about you when you were in Texas. I think that I would have enjoyed visiting you and I certainly enjoy your blog now.

  59. Happy Birthday Paul

    I am approaching my own 70th later this month – you are an inspiration for all of us as we continue to seek the the reward and pleasure from the work of our hands! It is a wonderful way to stay “young at heart”

  60. Happy Birthday Paul! As others have said: you are truly one in a million and we are blessed to be a small part of your world and learn from you. Best wishes for the coming year!

  61. What’s Paul Seller’s favorite book?
    The Tree Musketeers.

    Happy Birthday, you old chestnut!
    Jeff D

  62. A belated happy birthday from Berlin, Paul. As others have already said, you are a very special person, that has and continues to give so much to so many. Thank you!

  63. Happy Birthday Paul!

    Wish a lot of health for many, many years!
    And Thank You for for teaching us to be not only good woodworkers, but and good humans!


  64. Feliz Aniversário Paul. Vejo alguns vídeos seus, mas aproveito pouco em razão do idioma. Se houvesse tradução para o português seria ótimo.

  65. Happy Birthday Paul,
    You are the guru, and my #1 goto guy (and there are a lot of them on YT) when it comes to learning about hand tools and techniques. You have a great sense and insight about simple ways of approaching smart woodworking and I Thank you for your contribution to our craft. Big Love and Happy new Year in 2023. Signed Arlie

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