The House Update Video

We created a video covering the progress on the Sellers’ home up to the end of 2023, to show what we have achieved over the last three years making two dozen and more sizeable pieces primarily using commonly available hand tools and a bandsaw for resizing stock.

When everyone says it can’t really be done we just get on with it and do it!

How many times have I said we didn’t know we couldn’t do it so we did it?


  1. Beautiful Tour of the Sellers home. I am fascinated with the furniture designs. J.R. (Ronn) Winn – Vermont USA.

  2. Paul
    Thank you for sharing this update on your wonderful work on the pieces for your home.
    It is rare to see such examples of on persons craftsmanship in their own domestic setting. Usually one has to visit a grand National Trust property, with furniture designed by some past master designer, in order see such a fine array of purpose-built furniture – it’s inspiring.
    Thank you again

  3. I love watching this series and seeing this beautiful furniture make a beautiful home.
    All the very best!!

  4. Such a wonderful and inspirational project! I can’t wait to put in to practice in my own shop/home what you’ve shown us.

  5. Thanks Paul for the wonderful tour, I enjoyed the very unique one of a kind well designed custom furniture pieces. I enjoyed the different kinds of figured woods you used in some pieces, especially the Mesquite that I remember from the many visits to my uncle in the Texas hill country. I’ll be waiting to see more of the finished touches.

  6. Paul mentions Thanksgiving, which is something that is not really celebrated much here in the UK, as far as I know. Paul must get great pleasure from bringing the family together in his home. It would be nice to hear Paul tell us about the history of Thanksgiving day and how it came to be celebrated in the USA? When did Paul and his family first adopt the tradition? God bless+

    1. My experience of Thanksgiving was so very refreshing. People shared the day with family and friends around the Thanksgiving Day meal and seemed always to somehow disallow the commerce Christmas has come to be. From day one, Texans always welcomed us into their homes for a meal even outside of Thanksgiving. Also, the foundation of Thanksgiving was the survival that came through the first harvest in the Fall of the year hence the day of celebrating and thanks coming always on fourth Thursday of November. Hospitality was never lacking in small towns and rural area of Texas. It was a big part of the country life I came to know and usually had a Christian element to it in that those early settlers acknowledged the supremacy of God. Thanksgiving always started at the meal table with a prayer of thankfulness and to me it always seemed to be a genuine acknowledgement that without God in the centre of everything life would really have no meaning. If anything, Thanksgiving seemed to be valued more highly than Christmas. there seemed to be a reverence to it that had been lost in the meaning of Christmas. There was no fantasy, minimal expense and lots of family.

      1. That sounds lovely Paul. I’m not a Christian, but I do get what you describe, the importance of it, and ultimately the lack of it. My father in law was describing the harvest here (Scotland) when he was young, how his granny would make pancakes and other such things and all the local farmers would get together on each farm to harvest the wheat/barley/etc. It was long, hard work, very manual, but it sounded extremely rewarding. Now his tractor harvests what needs to be harvested, and he largely treats the neighbouring farmer with suspicion! I guess that’s the separation that technology has built for us. Technology has allowed us not to need one another. It wouldn’t be my definition of progress. Although my father-in-law says that he wouldn’t want to go back to that level of toil, you can always tell by the way he talks about it (and his grandfather) that there is something missing from today’s approach too. Anyway, a beautiful home, and beautifully presented by the video team as always.



  7. A wonderful inspirational yet calming tour of a master craftsman’s home. Your posts are a bright spot to my day . Thank you Paul for showing us what’s possible. And… I’m going to figure out how to cut these dovetails yet !

  8. Hello everybody,
    It seems to me that it is very important to show what you do in this way. At the time of DIY, it’s inspiring and lively and beautiful!
    Furthermore, I have a fond thought for you. After so many years of practicing woodworking for your clients, you can now live in the midst of your creations, your heritage for all.
    Humility, thank you.

  9. Living in the US, last time heard “chuffed” spoken was by “Bad Bob” in the “Rex the Runt” video series.
    Think “Bad Bob” was excited about availability of sausages 😀

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