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 If you are a beginner, the following links from our beginner site, Common Woodworking, may be useful to you:

Sharpening the Router Plane

Sharpening a Router Plane

Sharpening Router Cutters By Hand—Simple Works Best

The Router Blade Bevel

Questions Answered – Router Bevels Reversed

How do I use a router plane?

Using a Router Plane

What are the uses of a router plane?

The Router Plane Guide

How do I avoid tear-out when using the router?

You do have to make sure there is no micro bevel on the underside/free angle of the blade. Make sure to work your way down incrementally, very gradually, and take grain direction into consideration.

How do I fit a wooden sole?

More on Router Planes – Part II

Why are there pointed router blades?

Questions Answered – What Are Pointed Blades for on Router Planes

How do I sharpen pointed blades?

There is no easy way to sharpen a pointer router bit. If you have them, you could use a small diamond paddle, otherwise make some small sandpaper ones such as used in the knife sharpening video here, and clamp the cutter in a vice to get at it. You could still polish out the bottom on diamond stones as in the other cutter.

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