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Cutting Repeatable Dovetails to Perfection by Hand?!!!!

Yes, it is my method and yes it has worked for me for years. If you are making 30 same-sized kitchen drawers and you don’t like the mechanics of dovetail guides and router’s screams this could well be the method for you. I can make a hundred dovetailed sides using my guide and have them all…

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Sliding dovetails slip perfectly in place

I’m often asked how to create sliding dovetails. I mean people who want to make an immoveable joint across the full width of wide boards with as near flawless accuracy as possible. Now I have seen many sliding dovetails thought my lifetime of working wood but the flaw levels in one part or another were…

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Making My Toolbox – Coping With Dovetails

Cutting the dovetails and coping saw usage It’s not the best way, using a coping saw or a fret saw, but it can speed up the operation if you are in a hurry or making a beehive. On finer joinery it’s not really accepted. That said, a tool box of this type would not generally…

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Making My Toolbox – Laying Out the Dovetails

I glued up my toolbox build yesterday afternoon before I left the Penrhyn Castle workshop for home. Multiple dovetails demand your full attention and of course you must drive yourself so as not to procrastinate and so fail to set the tails home into the glued recesses. Dismantling the original toolbox we’re copying is still an…

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Module I -Dovetails and the Box is Done

Three days and Module I – Dovetails for Box Making is completed. Tomorrow we begin Module II –  Housing Dadoes for Book Cases and more continues. Penrhyn Castle workshops is still quite busy and we also enjoy drop-in visitors grabbing a few Autumn days away from city and town life in exchange for the rugged…

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Gauge lines on dovetails

Paul, I’m playing along at home with your book and dvd’s. I notice that you’re using the marking gauge for laying out mortises but not for scribing the layout for dovetails. Your thoughts on the use of a marking or cutting gauge for dovetails would be appreciated. PS I’m having a ball doing this! Thanks,…

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Hope chest – half-lap dovetails

I was truly busy today working with my students but I took half an hour out to cut the half lap dovetails to my Hope Chest drawer. With mahogany as my secondary wood and oak for the drawer front there is enough contrast to make the joint vivid and attractive. My drawer front has a…

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