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Making My Bed & QR Vises With Grip

My head and footboard look good as a pair at last and tomorrow the cloudlifts will complete them. It was interesting as I worked yesterday, working through the the final finessing and clean up, putting my tools up and sharpening them for the close-out, sweeping off the bench for what I calculate conservatively is the …

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Making My Bed and Other Stuff

The wind storms that hit Britain this past 7 days peaked overnight here in my county at 95 knots (109 miles per hour), which takes it from gale force well into the hurricane level if my schooling memory is correct. The damage is not too extensive because Wales and high winds are synonymous with well …

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My Bed is Coming Along Nicely

Well, I got to spend the day on the bed again yesterday but couldn’t get to the inlay work for several different reasons not the least of which was the castle alarm fire went off (which means mandatory vacating of the building), I did some clean up, took time off to go to the car …

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Making My Bed – Palings Next

I think that I cut the mortises in 2 minutes because they are not deep. Only half an inch or so. Chopping mortises, I drift into thoughts of different things, people I know and hopes I have for future woodworkers. I hope these future woodworkers will pursue the lifestyle of woodworking and do it as …

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