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Mixed methods for spoonmaking

I can’t really say that I like or dislike carving spoons with special knives and I suppose it has something to do with who I am as a furniture maker working in a workshop at a bench. I’ve made and sold thousands of wooden spoons and of course I’ve also taught hundreds if not thousands …

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More On Curved Knives For Spoons

These two knives are used in animal husbandry, to clean and trim the hooves of sheep and goats of different types or breeds. They have stainless steel blades and both take a good edge. Of course they came from UK suppliers, but they are made for international markets and so are available in other countries …

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Spoon making – Methods for shaping

Try to remember throughout the processes of how we can make spoons that we are interested in investigating areas of woodworking and the goal is not to become a spoon maker unless that’s the limited sphere you want to gain to operate in. Spoon making using these different methods, tools, techniques and so on give …

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Spoon making – Carving out the bowl

Today I want to take two generally divided worlds of spoon making and unite them. Instead of seeing the axe-cut knife-cut spoon making as a splinter group from the world of woodland crafts, we engage them with other tools like the bow or frame saw, bevel-edged chisel, spokeshave, gouge and scraper; tools more generally associated …

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