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The Rebate Plane Series and More of My Work

Essential Woodworking Hand Tools by Paul Sellers Writing my book and indeed seeing it published a few short weeks ago stirred many deep feelings in me. More than almost anything I’ve done in any literature work to date at least. In fact, it impacted me so much I recently went on to complete a companion manuscript I …

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Rebate Plane No 2—The Bullnose Plane

There have been several different types of bullnose plane made through the past century, many more than shown here, and aside from the Veritas version whatever is made today, aside from perhaps the over engineered and prohibitively expensive collector models, generally still follows those made by past makers from the pre early 1900s. There are …

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Rebate Plane No1—The #78 Filletster Plane

The Stanley #78 is a plane I have kept turning to for 50 years because of its versatility, compactness and reliable neatness. As with all planes it has unique nuances everyone should learn of but let’s discuss the plane in general first. The filletster plane is simply a rebate or rabbet plane and can be …

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On Rebates, Rabbets and Filletsters

Shoulder planes, rebate planes, filletster planes, bullnose planes, dado planes, carriage maker’s planes , badger planes and others too all create or refine step-downs in the wood to form or refine some type of rebate or housing. What’s the difference and which one should I buy? Some have square mouths and others skewed, while many …

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