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Simple Things For Saw Hanging

Something to hang your hat on. I couldn’t help but laugh when I thought of this old saying. I remember when men I worked with talked about how one day carpenters would earn £20 per week. One man said, “Now that’s summat yer can hang yer ‘at on.” Of course rates of pay generally back then …

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Saw Handles and more

Next level in the saw shaping. Another hour and you will complete your saw handle. I use the saw across the grain to shape the underside of the handle as I did for the underside of the handle yesterday.     Then I cut in toward the saw cut from both sides to shape the …

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Saw handles revisited

This is how the handle was from the maker in the 50’s. Watch what happens. See my slightly earlier post on saw handles previously.   Well, saw handles are more than just grips on a pair of dumbbells. I have owned many saws with handles made from strange substances ranging from crushed pecan shells cast in …

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From clunky to classic saw handles

You know it’s true. I find many overseas makers  now  produce  finer tools than we do in England. It really began to happen in the post war era when the real austerity of the war years changed the quality of hand tools in Britain forever. Here is an example of what I mean. I took …

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