Aldi UK Has 4-Set Chisels in Stock

DSC_0001The now famous four-piece Aldi chisels are in stock and made to the usual standard with wooden handles. Usually they sell out in a few days but you won’t regret having a set or two of these chisels in your chisel collection of users. Still selling for just under £8 (per set not per chisel) you have a lifetime chisel set that will serve you for years to come. We have used over a hundred of these now for five years and never broken or bent one. The users for the main part are by no means experts or even experienced to start with. The chisels have always taken and held a keen edge which cannot be said for some of the higher end makers these days. The sizes in the set are 8mm (5/16″), 12mm (1/2″), 18mm (11/16″) and 24mm (15/16″).

DSC_0003 DSC_0004

The chisels bout this time around, 8 sets, all had fine thinness that make them good for detail work as well as all joint making, paring and so on. They are good for all round woodworking, joinery and fine furniture making.


They can be further refined with a little effort and the steel hoops can be removed and the handles further refined.

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  1. Many thanks for the heads-up, Paul. I swooped on our local Aldi and bought a set. I told the young lady at the check-out that these were famous chisels, much blogged about. She didn’t seem nearly as pleased as in thought she might! Just something to put through the till, I guess.

    • I’ll second that and I’ve used your techniques to flatten the backs and sharpen them. Oh, and I’ve got the plasters to prove it! 🙂

  2. Some pictures so those of us in the USA can take a peek at them? I have some of the high end new chisels, some low end new chisels and many dozens of vintage. For my money (in the US) both Narex and Stanley Sweetheart do a bang up job without breaking the bank,

  3. Thank you for the heads-up.

    I got the last two sets in our local Aldi – the rack remained full of the (rather ordinary-looking) file sets instead – Paul’s other disciples had got there before me!

    Is Paul on commission? (If not, maybe he should be!)

  4. I also wish the US Aldi’s would stock these, I would love to have a set of these to go along with my vintage chisel’s.


  5. I’m really surprised that these chisels can hold an edge longer than some of the higher end ones. I have owned a set of Stanley Chrome Vandium chisels and none of them held off near as long as my set of LN ones. Are there different versions of chrome vandium? I’m not debating with Paul but how is it possible?

  6. Hey, I’m new to this hand tool world. First off, thanks Paul for all you’ve done to help educate; I’ve learned so much from your site, blog, and videos without even picking up a tool. I can’t wait to get some experience and continue sharing the knowledge.

    I have been doing a lot of research before buying my tools. I started looking for these Work Zone chisels in the Chicago area, and emailed ALDI. Here’s their response from yesterday:
    November 5, 2014
    Reference: #440639

    Dear Mr. Guerrero,

    Thank you for your recent letter regarding our Wood Chisel Set. We always appreciate hearing from our customers.

    Our “Special Buy” program allows us to provide customers with unique items available for a limited time. With new Special Buy products coming in every week, we have to sell them quickly to make room for the next exciting offers. The item(s) in question was a Special Buy we carried in our stores while quantities lasted. Unfortunately, we are unable to get any more at this time. We plan to carry this item again on 6.3.2015.

    Please feel free to visit our website,, to register for our weekly e-mail newsletter that includes information regarding upcoming Special Buy items. Please note that some advertised items may not be available in all stores.

    Again, thank you for writing and for shopping at ALDI.


    ALDI Customer Service

    So it seems they’ve had these in before, though I don’t know which stores. I did have to specify my local store when emailing, so maybe they had them there? Anyway, I don’t want to wait til next summer to get learning, so I’m probably going to pick up a Narex set on Amazon or something. Maybe there will be some Black Friday deals on other tools on Paul’s essential list!


    • Yes, seen these crop up this week and they do look the same. I cannot test them cos the Lidl store here is undergoing a refurb, otherwise I would have liked to test them out.

  7. Greetings, Reggie Ogg here, I am both new to the party and somewhat new to woodworking-I have a bit of experience but would like more. Regarding the chisels from Aldi- these are on eBay and look like the Aldi chisels-they appear to have the same handles, same tool steel, sizes in mm, Chinese lettering rather than Workzone, $16.99 US on eBay

    These are the ones I have located on eBay Item # 171527949436

    Item description:4 pcs carving set wood flat chisel——-

    Model: 4 Pcs
    Weight:400 grams
    Material:Chrome vanadium steel alloys
    Chisel type:Flat chise

    I have traced them back to here- They appear to be available wholesale from Conextant

    Conexant woodworking tools woodworking chisel flat chisel wood handle manual hardware tools 4 Piece Set woodworking chisel set
    Unit Price:$6.89
    Wholesale Price:
    Quantity Price (Per lot)
    1 – 3 $6.89
    4 – 6 $5.40
    7 – 10 $5.19
    11 – 15 $5.09

    What do you folks think? Are these indeed the Aldi source for their WorkZone chisels?

  8. I forgot to say that 2of the sizes are different from the Aldi. Aldi offers 24mm,18mm,12mm, and 8mm while these Conextant ones are offered in the following widths 24mm,15mm,12mm, and 10mm.
    The flats on the Aldi chisels appear to be longer than those on the Conextant. What I posted may be a false alarm but perhaps they are worth looking into?

    • We ran both sets of chisels side by side and the difference between the Aldi and Lidl sets were the same as the difference between sets produced and for the same companies. We also sharpened and finished them out for work at 15,000-grit and found them to retain the same sharp edge. What we have not done is compare them as long as the Aldi chisel but we will include two sets in our long term trials. At the price given they seem as though they are still good value and I am sure that most EU companies have the same consumer protection course of action so I don’t think anyone can really lose out. Thanks for the reference.

  9. I have taken a chance on these and ordered from eBay US for $ 16.99 and free shipping. I am relatively new to woodworking and will share my results.

  10. I just bought the LIDL chisels in the online shop (germany) and they are great.
    Paul, you said you don’t need the metal ring at the end of the handle. How did you manage to get rid of it and how do they look now?

  11. Well I got the Chinese chisels from eBay. Never having seen the Aldi chisels, my newbie opinion is that these are not them. The steel is thin and the handles are on the small side. They flatten and sharpened fairly easily, and my hunch is too easily revealing the soft steel. One of them may have come with an out of square bevel, although I am not sure as it might have been due to me being a beginner at sharpening. These will do for now, while I search for a reasonable price through Craigslist/eBay/Amazon.

  12. Ha!

    Today, for $6.99 for a set of four, I got these very same chisels from Aldi in Minnesota, US!

    Seems they were listening to all the requests. Check this week’s sales circular for your area for this week’s sales. They’re here!

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