Questions invited—Want to help?

P1110857I have been writing more than ever lately but more privately, to finish off the book. Over the past few weeks I have bought additional tools to work through and I wanted to ask you for your input and see what questions you have around the tools you are hoping to use, already use, want to restore, want to repair and just about anything you feel will help you but then also others who might benefit from the question you have too. I may add some of this section to the new book too, but there is not much time. P1110849

The first section I want to answer your questions on right now is the smoothing plane. It can be any smoothing plane of course, but most people are working with Bailey- or Bed Rock-pattern metal-cast planes. I think your input is important and will add extra spark to what I hope will become a valuable resource for woodworkers. So, just to kick off, I hope you can help me with this aspect of my work.

Your questions, no matter how basic are important. There are many hundreds of woodworkers looking for answers and may have the same questions as you. Any questions will be good ones I am sure.P1100392

What problems do you have when you setup sharpen or use a hand plane?

Please keep it to brief questions. We will collate the questions (I am sure there will be many people with the same issues and questions) and I will publish the answers to the most common problems here on my blog and, possibly, in my upcoming book.

Oh, and I will pick an entry at random from the submissions and send the winner a signed copy of Essential Woodworking Hand Tools, out later this year.

We won’t be using any details we collect below to keep you up to date about the book release. If you want to be notified please enter your details on this page.

Thank you all for your contributions, the form is now closed.