North of England Woodworking Show tomorrow!

18839_105139899512776_100000502999058_139990_6440435_n The North of England Woodworking Show is on in Harrogate North Yorkshire tomorrow and I will be looking for the new and interesting and then new and old friends too. Say hi if we pass in the aisles; I should be there between 11am and 4pm all being well. Look forward to seeing you.


  1. Silly Yank that I am, I thought Stotland was North of England 😉

    Have fun and tell us what you find.

    1. Yeah! Steady there, don’t call Scotland England or Northern England. North of England is OK. It’s a stand-alone country.

  2. I should have been there today, but a family crisis caused a cancellation. I could possibly make it tomorrow, but no promises, more likely Sunday.

  3. Somehow I don’t think you’ll get passed all the hand shakes, maybe you should setup a booth solely for autographs.

  4. Scotland IS north of England, but it’s NOT in the north of England, of course. (Better not let the Scots hear that someone thinks they’re in the north of England. They might choke on their haggis!)

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