The Passing of a Remarkable Woman

Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s monarch for the past 70 years, died peacefully this afternoon aged 96. Such a sad loss for us all.


  1. We offer our condolences from this side of the Atlantic.
    The UK has been a great friend and ally for decades.

  2. She was well loved and admired around the world. May her wisdom and kindness inspire many future generations.

  3. She was born 3 years before my father and outlived him by about 28 years. I would have liked to have seen both her and the Duke to have made it past 100 years together, that would have made for some great celebrations. May she rest in peace with her Duke.

  4. May she who served so long rest in eternal peace, and may all who loved her find comfort in the days and months ahead. It’s obviously a different dynamic for us over her in the States, even those of us who admired the qualities she displayed for so long. But it still feels like we’ve reached the end of an era. I do pray that the one dawning shines kindly upon your dear birth country, Paul.

    1. Such a sad start to my day today, Cynthia. In my dim and distant past, I served as a Police Officer in the `greater Manchester Police and she passed through the streets of Stockport, my home town. I was on duty that day and there for security and she waved her royal wave with a gentle smile as she passed within a few feet. Such a remarkable Queen, woman, mother, wife and servant of her God.

      1. Thank you Paul. Sorry to say this here and I know you may not like it and I don’t want to disrespect you in any way. But I come from a place that was hurt by the British coup, occupation,support of dictatorships, war and sanctions in the last 70 years. Maybe you’d feel different if you lived somewhere else…

        1. It’s the place and time that’s wrong, Elias. I face my sites and work being hijacked in some way or other all the time by people with strong views. Perhaps you will now desist now that you’ve had your say freely using my platform for political effort. Nothing you have said detracts from the simplicity of our acknowledging a woman of the highest integrity passing on.

    1. It’s OK Elias, there are those of us in the Commonwealth that very much admired and loved the Queen and the kind of monarchy she represented. We don’t have to be freed from anything.

  5. This is a sad day for me, as well as for the nation. The Queen might have been short in stature but she stood head and shoulders above every other head of state and politician on the planet. RIP.

    1. I had the thought in the moments learning of her passing that while she may have had petite feminine feet, Charles has some very large shoes to fill.

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