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Which clamps do you recommend?

Here is an up to date article on where to get the clamps that we most commonly use:

Screwfix Sash Clamps Upgraded (UK)

These slightly older articles also have a lot of useful information:

Clamps – practical ones for newstart woodworkers

Sash Clamps for Lightweight Work

How do you retrofit them?

Alluminium clamps – Retrofit makes a perfect clamp

More Sash Clamps With Oomph!

Can you explain your vice clamp system?

The Paul Sellers’ vise-clamp system or…

Why are my clamps loose a few minutes after glue-up?

During the initial glue-up, there is a certain amount of glue squeeze out. This usually results in needing to tighten the clamps after a few minutes, which is an important part of the gluing up process.

Do you use/recommend pipe clamps?

Paul has used pipe clamps in the past and they work well. They are particularly useful when you need longer than average clamps. They are heavy and somewhat unwieldy, but are also stout and strong. They can be used in clamp in the same way as the aluminium sash clamps we use most.

We recommend the ones from Jorgensen/Pony. Galvanised pipe doesn’t work very well as they tend to slip. Standard steel pipe works well and is cheaper.

How do you make wooden/cam clamps?

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