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Gramercy frame saw kit

I have neglected bringing this tool to the forefront. Some years ago Joel of Tools for Working Wood ( came out with a very special kit named under his brand name Gramercy the Gramercy 12″ Bow Saw Kit. It is an incredible kit and once you’ve made the saw you’ll find it works so beautifully…

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Frame saw or bow saw, what’s the difference?

I recently progressed the videos on making different types of frame saw using different ingredients to maximise performance. Visitors stopped by over the days I was working and we were filming and they saw the saws in progress and indeed being used. One man asked my why Europeans didn’t adopt the English tenon saw for…

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Making a frame saw

If you have not yet made one of these you should. They are quick and simple to make and give you the European push and pull stroke saw in a single saw which is useful depending on where you want to be. Here is the video to walk you through the steps. Two hours work…

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Blades for my bow saw

Several of you in the USA have asked for the bowsaw blades I used in the USA frame saw. I used these made by Milwaukee and found them excellent. I found these in The Home Depot store but I am sure you can get them online too. This type doesn’t have the wavy corrugated edge…

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Making Frame Saws

Sorry everyone, I realised that there was a little confusion by my creating two videos that ‘aired’ at the same time, one via YouTube and the other via our woodworkingmasterclasses. Both blasted off with the lowest inertia ever and I was taken a little by surprise. These are low-cost highly effective saws that are different…

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Sharpening your frame saw blade

Some asked if frame saw blades can be sharpened and the answer is yes, most of the regular ones can be but not the fancy turbo ones with Japanese teeth. I put this video together to show the simplicity of sharpening them. It takes about 5 five minutes to do and they will last for…

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