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Winding sticks detect the twist

My eye scans the winding sticks that span the oak and there the twist stands proud beyond my half cocked eye The rough plane strikes the highs to bring them low and so again I span the oak with sticks to see if winding still stands proud And soon my hands deliver power through the…

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Winding sticks for guaranteed flatness – and more beyond

I don’t know of many that rely on winding sticks for detecting twist in boards and billets these days but I use mine often as in days past most woodworkers did. Like the square and the shooting board, these simple pieces were essential to producing accurate work; a slight twist on one rail or stile…

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Making Winding Sticks by Hand – Part I

I felt troubled that anyone would consider buying what can readily be made from real wood. Especially for real woodworkers. I can understand someone buying their initial workbench in certain circumstances but eventually it’s most likely they will rise to the challenge of building their first workbench themselves. Having something to work from might possibly…

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Making Winding Sticks by Hand – Part II

Here are some drawings to help                                     Corner inlay The corner rebate is best done with a marking gauge, knife and tenon saw. The Veritas marking gauge works well for this type of gauge work as it works like a…

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