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Sam’s Joiner’s toolbox

I was just sixteen when I made mine from the same pine with the same eight hand tools bought brand new that cost me six weeks wages working 52 hours in each week to buy them. I got paid £3.50 a week back then and the tools meant something to me because they cost me …

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My Toolbox Restored

When I first saw this tool box I didn’t fully express my feelings here. My senses told me that the box was really, well, first auctioned from a cellar-find in an abandoned state; redundant to requirements, spat out by industrialism and left to die in the dumps around the world in the same way craft, …

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Toolbox Issues for Us Woodworkers

Some of you asked about my fall front tool box and asked how it was made and for plans of it. It seems it would make a good wooodworkingmasterclasses series but a lot of the details are already in the tool chest build we did last year. I think the joiner’s toolbox Is a practical …

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