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New Legacy USA

Another friend and fellow woodworker, Nick, timberframes structures of all shapes and sizes to create buildings that last and he’s very much a part of a new work in New York that will begin in the New Year. This timberframed structure believe it or not is a legacy in its structured value and it was built, with the assistance from others, by Nick using traditional timber framing methods, tools and techniques. Beneath these lofty vaulted beams, cross-ties and braces will be the New Legacy School of Woodworking in the USA.

As with this framework of interconnected mortise and tenon joints, there is a plexus of people dedicated to pulling everything together to make things happen and it’s from this careful arrangement that we will see emerge a new legacy designed to pass on sustainable woodworking skills for thousands of woodworkers to glean from.


We had our first workshop in here a couple of weeks ago during my visit.

The Real Woodworking Campaign begins with the school in that we will be better able to address many of the imbalances that have so devalued the art and craft of woodworking through the decades. Here, woodworkers new to the craft can join both new and seasoned woodworkers to learn real handwork skills and indeed all they need to know about working wood. In a day or two the USA New Legacy School website will be available to keep you up to date with the developments and to learn from too. The team will keep you posted through the new blog so please flag to follow our progress.

Also, for those in the US and the UK, we will adding more about our Winter/Spring schedule of workshops as we finalise seasonal plans. You will be able to subscribe to the Newsletter, which though informational, will also be instructive and I hope inspiring.


  1. Is there a schedule for NLSW USA for 2015? When will Paul be in the USA? Thank you.

    1. I have no plans at the moment. We are in the middle of a large project that disallows too much forward planning.

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