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Last post on the Hope Chest – enjoyed it!

My Hope Chest now looks like this. The pattern is simple, as a hope chest was more about the content than the box. I hope you have enjoyed watching my progress and experienced some of the processes I work through in forward planning to make things happen in order. There is no such thing as…

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Hope Chest construction done

The workshop is quiet without John. The dust from the bandsaw work and sanding settled on everything overnight, so I vacuumed everything before I disturbed it. You don’t have to live with dust if you vacuum as necessary at the start instead of the end of a day. I like this to be done before…

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Hope chest glue up

Some times I simply want to declare that my day went great today even though so many things tug at my time. I am not sure who the first person was that said “I had a great day.”, but somehow it seems, well, flat. Going into my workshop doesn’t so much excite me but, more,…

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The almost-done Hope Chest

I didn’t get as far as I thought I would today, but I did have a good day. I don’t think that I have seen such forceful winds before today, (winds recorded of 169 miles per hour) but they don’t make much difference to the three-foot thick stone walls of Penrhyn Castle. I totally finished…

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Hope Chest drawer details

I cut the drawer bottom to size and planed the bevel to the underside until it fit neatly into the 3/8″ grooves to the sides and front of the drawer.   Notice the rubberized (or silicone) non-slip shelf liner. This is a must buy for any shop. Grip stuff in the vise for an absolutely non slip…

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The Hope Chest is nearing completion

More work on the Hope Chest today. I managed to rough out the oak for the bottom of the chest and my drawer bottom. For the drawer bottom I used the bandsaw to rough cut my 1” stock down to 5/8” and hand planed it down to a full ½” ( a 1/16th inch full).…

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Hope chest progress

As my Hope Chest nears completion I become increasingly conscious that the colour and composition is being conformed by my decisions, hence my last post. Life is very much about composition and from my very limited sphere of creativity I am indeed composing in my work. When I was young I never realised this because…

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Hope chest – half-lap dovetails

I was truly busy today working with my students but I took half an hour out to cut the half lap dovetails to my Hope Chest drawer. With mahogany as my secondary wood and oak for the drawer front there is enough contrast to make the joint vivid and attractive. My drawer front has a…

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Hope Chest and plane talking

I see woodworkers muscling their heavier-than-ever-before plane to the wood and I wonder how got here. Somehow a plane has become something rigidly forced not loosely presented, new not worn, dead flat not nicely rounded, tight-threaded not spinable. Fact is, they all work regardless and some of the older planes with that well-worn, old slipper…

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