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Poor man’s router – It works!

When I was a lad working as an apprentice, many woodworkers didn’t have hand routers and machine router salesmen were often laughed out of the shop because a skilled craftsman could set hinges much faster than a router back then. We made any router we needed from a scrap of pine like this one here

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Paul’s poor man’s router…

…or tenon and housing dado trimmer par excellence. I say Paul’s because I developed it to work so effectively. Many routers are highly effective at perfecting a chiselled out housing or dado joint and the faces of tenons. They have been used for such for centuries now. The idea is of course that they span

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Another poor man’s router

Poor man’s router Someone recently shared with me a jobsite poor man’s router he uses regularly and I tried it out in an inspired moment recently. It’s made from a #14 (about 44mm shank it looks like) screw and block like the poor man’s beading-cum-marking gauge I have posted on in the recent and distant

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Poor man’s dowel maker

I just watched the current edition and final episode in the series on making breadboard ends on woodworkingmasterclasses.com and thought that I should post a quick blog on the poor man’s dowel maker I find delivers the goods. As a boy we drilled holes in pennies for washers because the boss, Bert Pickford, said he

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Poor man’s burnisher

The poor man’s ticket to burnishing Two weeks ago I discussed another Fine Woodworking article, which I thought complicated sharpening, burnishing and setting up the #80 type cabinet scraper to create a keen blade edge and indeed we showed that many erroneous statements soon become accepted as absolutes when no one counters what’s being said

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